Krisia Todorova ES EN subs Eternal Flame 2016-02-12 Bangles 1988

The Bangles “Eternal Flame” ♫ Close your eyes ♫ Give me your hand, darling ♫ Do you feel my heart beating? ♫ Do you understand? ♫ Do you feel the same? ♫ Am I only dreaming? ♫ Is this burning an eternal flame? ♫ I believe it’s meant to be, darling ♫ I watch you […]

Lauren’s Back, Baby | The Joint Chiropractic

Hi, I’m Lauren, I’m 34, I’m a marketer, I’m a business owner, and I play keys in a rock band, and I’m a patient at The Joint. I literally and figuratively wear a lot of hats. I do a lot of things and being a physically active person is also really important to me. And […]

Avoid These 10 Foods to Avoid Worse Joint Pain

The joint pain can impair many activities you do daily, causing soreness, discomfort and inflamed joints too. Lately, lots of people have such pains regardless of age or gender. It can be mild or even severe and chronic, not just acute. The cardinal causes for such pain are arthritis and gout. Also broken or dislocated […]

Eternal Flame – Cover (Official Music Video) From GIRL BAND CALLED GIRL BAND

♫ Close your eyes ♫ ♫ Give me your hand, darling ♫ ♫ Do you feel my heart beating ♫ ♫ Do you understand ♫ ♫ Do you feel the same ♫ ♫ Am I only dreaming ♫ ♫ Is this burning ♫ ♫ An eternal flame ♫ ♫ I believe ♫ ♫ It’s meant […]

Amputees merge with their bionic leg

We’re augmenting prosthetic legs to enable patients to feel the ground and to feel the prosthesis in space. When he’s touching my thumb [big toe] or heel or foot, or anywhere else, every time, I feel where he is touching the rubber foot. It was very interesting, like my own leg, first time I feel […]

[House] – Culture Code – Electricity (feat. Michael Zhonga) [NCS Release]

Sorry I kept you waiting Forever and a day But now we’re out here together With nothing standing in our way Can you feel the attraction Feel the attraction Can you feel it between us This energy’s inside us like Electricity Feel the love running through like Electricity Feel the love running through like Electricity […]

DIY anti static electricity stick

This clip will introduce a simple anti-static keychain. Two 10MΩ(Megohm) resistors. Connect two resistors in series. Connecting in series is prevent direct discharge along resistor’s outside. Trim the remaining wire. Insert resistors into plastic straw. Insert screws on the one side. Trim the remaining wire. Lock the screw with a screwdriver. Trim the remaining wire. […]