Your ancestors called it magic, and you call it science. Well, from where I come from they’re one in the same. Hey guys, I’m the Hacksmith, and as you know on our channel we take fictional ideas from comics movies and video games and make real working prototypes. We’ve made Captain America’s electromagnet shield, Batman’s […]

A quick look at Michael Faraday – the Father of Electricity

electricity just think of a lightning bolt and we know about magnets and how they attract and repel now meet Michael Faraday one of the greatest superstars of science his work on the relationship between electricity and magnets led directly to the electric motor and the electric generator things that have transformed the way we […]

(2 of 2) Electricity and Magnetism – Review of All Topics – AP Physics C

Mr. P: Ammeters and voltmeters. An ammeter, you need to put in series, a voltmeter, you need to put in parallel. In order to measure the current, in order to put it in, you need to have it in series, right? In order to have little change to the circuit, you need to have as […]

The Secret Tesla Generator Plans and Free Electricity

HHO Workshop “Free From Fuel”: Heating With Oxyhydrogen (DVD Chapter 2)

The flame recombines hydrogen and oxygen back into water again. Here it becomes water again. For about 4 years now I have heated my house with this gas. People often bring this argument up: “Why use electricity to create gas and heat with the gas? Why don’t you just heat directly with the electricity?” And […]