Understanding EFLs Electricity Facts Labels (Texas)

electricity facts labels or EFLS are quickest way to find out all the details about any particular Bounce Energy electricity plan every retail electricity provider is required to provide an EFL to their customers whenever they sign up for any electricity plan Bounce Energy’s EFLs are drawn up in a clear consistent format The top […]

Scientists Can Implant Fake Memories in the Brain, Here’s How

Human memory is unreliable enough as it is, but researchers interested in better understanding how and where our memories are stored are developing new ways to manipulate them. The search for memory “engrams,” a collection of identifiable neurons that physically represent a memory, has occupied scientists for over a hundred years. Turns out, memory is […]

Chopsticks: Chinese VS. Japanese VS. Korean

Hey guys! What’s up? It’s Mike Chen! Today let’s talk about something that most Asians use every single day: chopsticks. Now, chopsticks are super useful. You can use it to eat, obviously, or you can also use it to keep your hair up, you can cook with it, and they’re super convenient because you can […]

Can Dogs Smell Electricity? RIF 43

Baby puffins are called “Pufflings”. 11 of the 12 men to have walked on the Moon were in the Boy Scouts. Every month in the Netherlands, 133 billion insects are killed colliding into cars. Squirrels can remember the hiding places of up to 10,000 nuts. In 2011, cheese was the most stolen food in the […]

10 Surprising Facts About: Electricity

1. The sun radiates more energy in 15 minutes than humans use every year around the world. If only we could find a way to channel the sun’s energy more efficiently. 2. You can make electricity from anything. Light, wind, water and even animal manure. The most common way of producing electricity around the world […]

Top 10 Facts – Metal Gear

In 1986, a man by the name of Hideo Kojima joined the Japanese game development company Konami as a designer and planner. Initially he was disappointed with his assignments at the company and his ideas where often overlooked due to his limited technological understanding. Early on he was given an assignment to develop an action […]

Why You Can’t Put Metals in the Microwave

Why You Can’t Put Metals in the Microwave If you’ve ever wondered why there is such a taboo on putting metals in the microwave, well, wonder no more. First, it should be noted that it is not unsafe to put all metals in the microwave. Indeed, you often put metals in the microwave anytime you […]

Almost simple #2: What is the speed of ELECTRICITY?

What is the speed of electricity? An electric current is a flow of electric charge in one direction. Since we live in an electrically interconnect world, we could be easily lead to believe that electrons travel instantaneously or, a bit more accurate, at the speed of light. But that’s not what happens here. In this […]

COLORADO TORNADO MAGIC – Tips Facts & Information

Most people are more likely to associate Colorado with tall Rocky Mountains rather than tomatoes 😀 Between 1952 & 2010 weld County Colorado reported more tomatoes than any other county in the states For those used to chasing in Texas or Oklahoma hunting tomatoes in Colorado can seem like a different game I’ve experienced a […]

Slower Than a Turtle – The Speed of Electricity

Hello I’m Daven Hiskey and you are watching the Today I Found Out Youtube channel. In the video today we’re looking at the surprisingly slow speed of electricity. Let’s get started. You may be surprised to learn that electrons flow through a typical copper wire much slower than a turtle walks. Each wire that conducts […]