Melting Cars: The “Walkie Scorchie” Building

The 525-foot skyscraper at 20 Fenchurch Street in London, England earned the nickname “Walkie Talkie” thanks to its unique design. Slim at the bottom and wider at the top, locals could not help noticing its similarities to a handheld, two-way radio. However the Walkie Talkie also has another nickname- Walkie Scorchie. Construction began on the […]


– Optical illusion number one: I actually have long, flowing dreadlocks. I wish. So optical illusions have fascinated humanity since, well, forever. And they’ve gotten more intense over the years as certain people have figured out ways to trick our eyes that trick our brains into thinking something’s there that isn’t. So I’ve gather some […]

Top 10 Mind Melting Movies You’ve Never Heard Of

10 Mind Melting Movies You’ve Never Heard Of 10. Apart If David Lynch directed Romeo and Juliet, it would turn out something like this. Apart deals with the psychological affliction of “induced delusional disorder,” an actual mental affliction that causes hallucinations to become shared between two or more people. In this case, lifelong friends and […]

Sea level rise is so much more than melting ice

– So, we do lots of climate and environment stories, and we’ve run up against one concept all the time, sea level rise. This probably isn’t news to you, but as the planet warms the average sea level is rising, and it’s threatening coastal populations around the world. But we got tripped up by one […]

Jupiter Core Is Melting!

Jupiter is one of the most important planets in our solar system, but its core may be melting in ways we didn’t expect. Join me as we analyze what is happening, and what it means. 8. The “Core Issue” At the center of every single planet, regardless of whether it’s a rock planet, water planet, […]

Useless Facts That Will Melt Your Mind

*Fast-Paced Electronic Music*

What Were Those Weird Metal Things on the Beaches During the Normandy Invasion?

The Normandy Invasions represented one of the single largest military maneuvers in history. Beginning on June 6, 1944, D-Day (see, What does the “D” in D-Day stand for?), the invasion was the largest amphibious assault of all time and involved what basically amounted to the collective might of a large percentage of the nations in […]

Understanding EFLs Electricity Facts Labels (Texas)

electricity facts labels or EFLS are quickest way to find out all the details about any particular Bounce Energy electricity plan every retail electricity provider is required to provide an EFL to their customers whenever they sign up for any electricity plan Bounce Energy’s EFLs are drawn up in a clear consistent format The top […]

Scientists Can Implant Fake Memories in the Brain, Here’s How

Human memory is unreliable enough as it is, but researchers interested in better understanding how and where our memories are stored are developing new ways to manipulate them. The search for memory “engrams,” a collection of identifiable neurons that physically represent a memory, has occupied scientists for over a hundred years. Turns out, memory is […]

Chopsticks: Chinese VS. Japanese VS. Korean

Hey guys! What’s up? It’s Mike Chen! Today let’s talk about something that most Asians use every single day: chopsticks. Now, chopsticks are super useful. You can use it to eat, obviously, or you can also use it to keep your hair up, you can cook with it, and they’re super convenient because you can […]