Machine Learning – Part 1 – The Z-Depth Generator – Flame 2020

Hi everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. With the release of Flame 2020… A whole range of new technology… has been integrated into the Flame products. This is in the form of machine learning… Which uses trained artificial intelligence… to analyse an image and compute a variety data… That you could use for VFX […]

Joint Pain Causes & Treatment | Physiotherapy Treatment for Joint Pain | Dr. Narender Reddy

hello viewers welcome to our channel to day Dr. G Narender Reddy is with us senior physiotherapist hello Doctor Pleasure Having your Program Hi viewers I’m Dr. G Narender Reddy Senior physiotherapist Working with Apollo Hospital hi there would have branch more than 10 years doctor nowadays everyone are suffering with joint pains so what […]

Adobe Fuse CC Tutorial – Create custom 3D characters [How to create a Zombie]

What’s up guys! We are in a new tutorial of Adobe Fuse I’ll show you quickly how to make a 3D model The interface is fairly simple, based on the menu at the top left Let’s create a new project.. a 3D Zombie The software will guide us step by step To modify the Head, […]

DIY: Smiley soaps :) Funny Melt & Pour soap making

Push it! Push it more! I’m pushing It’s so heavy! Let’s bring something else

Free character modeling with Adobe Fuse (Tutorial promo)

Hey everyone it’s Phil and I have a new tutorial out. This is just a quick look at it. It’s a one hour tutorial looking at Adobe fuse, which is free! We’ll take a look at first building two basic characters, then going into finer details such as adjusting different muscle groups or details in […]

Father Dubbed Melted Man Refuses Medical Treatment

00:02 COMM: His shocking appearance has seen him labelled as the melted man. 50-year-old Mannan Modal was born without an eye, ear and most of his teeth, and is covered in continually growing tumours. 00:15 COMM: He has been shunned most of his life, but is still turning down medical help so he can continue […]

Machine Learning – Part 3 – Human Face 3D Relighting – Flame 2020

Hi everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. In part 2 of the Machine Learning Series… We continued to look at Machine Learning… And discussed another generator… Which could detect the human face… And then extract a depth map or a normals map. In part 3, we continue with the “Face Maps” generator… And look […]

China’s Elephant Man – My Face Melted: Body Bizarre Episode 7

START 00:07 COMM: Hunan Province, Southern China, hoe to 37-year-old Huang Chuncai. 00:14 COMM: Huang is suffering from the world’s biggest ever facial tumour and has the worst recorded case of neurofibromatosis. 00:31 COMM: The rare genetic condition causes excessive cell growth, and tumours that have melted his face, and earned him the nickname China’s […]

ZW3D 2016 NEW CAD FEATURES:Expansive Sheet Metal

Convert a shape in to a Sheet metal The new Rip command can cut a gap for the closed shelled shape, it helps to convert the shape into a sheet metal. This model is created with shape tools. First step, choose the Rip command from the sheet metal ribbon toolbar. We can use a line […]