Roads melt in India heatwave

A heatwave in India has meant even the roads have melted…. Temperatures have soared to 47 degrees Celsius in some parts – and the heat has now claimed 1,700 lives in just one week. This year has seen the highest numbers of deaths caused by the heat since 1995. The searing weather has left tens […]

UK Superstorm Path Update! Models show Hurricane Maria & Lee to Merge – Track for UK

A storm, formed by the confluence of two destructive hurricanes, which devastated the United States, is approaching the north-west coast of Great Britain. The meteorologists have already named it “Brian”. Scientists are not yet saying with certainty what will happen to the cyclone upon its approach to the shores of Britain. Contrary to initial forecasts, […]

Unprecedented Natural Disasters in a Time of Climate Change: A Governors Roundtable

MICHELLE WILLIAMS: Welcome to the forum, livestreamed worldwide from the Leadership Studio at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. I’m Dean Michelle Williams. The forum is a collaboration between the Harvard Chan School and Independent News Media. Each program features a panel of experts addressing some of today’s most pressing public health issues. […]