These Epic Dog Portraits Will Melt Your Heart

How Spiders Use Electricity to Fly | Decoder

When you think of flying animals, what do you think of? Birds, butterflies, or bees might first come to mind, but what about spiders? Even though they don’t have wings, it turns out that spiders are actually some of nature’s best aviators. So, how do spiders take to the skies? Lightning storms are one of […]

What’s the difference between Weld and Attach in Cricut Design Space?

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m JoAnn with, and today I wanted to cover two things in Design Space that get confused quite a bit. That’s weld and attach. So let’s go over to Design Space, and I’ll show you what those two are. Okay, so over here in Design Space, I’ve typed out the […]

Micro ROV – Life of a Remotely Operated Vehicle – Deep Trekker

This is a demo of a Remotely Operated Vehicle ( Micro ROV ). The Deep Trekker takes you through the ROV and its life underwater filming.

Stanford’s humanoid robot explores an abandoned shipwreck

[MUSIC PLAYING] OceanOne is aimed at bringing a new capability for underwater exploration. The intent here is to have a diver diving virtually, creating a robot that can be the physical representation of the human. A human-made robotic diver that can have bi-manual capabilities. So it has two hands. It has stereo vision. And the […]