Fixed, Spring, Hinge, Character & Configurable Joint explained – Unity Tutorial

In this video we will talk about all unity joins, so we will talk about fixed joint spring joints hinge joints character joints and configurable joints Yes we’re talking about all of them and you can find the time codes in the Descriptions so that you can skip all the parts. You don’t need at […]

Propshaft Repair – How to Replace a Universal Joint

Warning! In this video I will be saying, nipple, flange and I will tell you to grip your shaft and grease your nipple! But it’s OK, it’s Educational. Hi, Matt here from educational mechanics. Today were going to show you how to change a universal joint on a prop shaft. Universal joints articulate through a […]

Merged Hulk! Why is Hulk Wearing a Uniform Avengers 4? Concept Art Theory! Professor Hulk Comic

let’s look at the green Goliath wearing a uniform wearing clothes so if this concept art is real which I think it is then we’re gonna get a very different Hulk to the one that we’ve seen previously and that fits in perfectly with what Mark Ruffalo the actor who plays Bruce Banner and the […]

How Condensing Boilers Work – Plumbing Tips

– [Announcer] Honest reviews and advice. Sponsored by – Hello and welcome to this week’s video. Today I’m gonna tell you all about condensing boilers. For the purposes of today’s video we’re going to use Grant Vortex Combi condensing boiler. This is the outdoor model as well. All I’m gonna show you […]

Ground Neutral and Hot wires explained

Hey there guys. Paul here from In this video, we’re going to be looking at the difference between the hot, neutral and ground wires as well as the function of each with some worked examples. This video is for homes in North America. If you are outside this region then you can still follow […]

Watchmen Episode 6 HBO – TOP 10 WTF and Easter Eggs

crime-fighting disguise it’s a new phenomenon but it’s growing in a brisk lip then captain metropolis would like to capitalize on that growth by forming a team patriots heroes they call themselves the new Minutemen welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this is going to be my watchman episode 6 video they revealed the true origin […]

Two Dogs Explain Electricity | Animated Storytime

TOBY 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi- [THUNDER] TOBY Wow! Must be close! PIDGE Who? TOBY The Lightning! PIDGE Lightning? TOBY Yeah that big light in the sky! PIDGE The sun! TOBY No, not this time. The lightning was that big flash just now. PIDGE Did someone take our picture? TOBY They should, we look […]

Why Plastic Car Parts are Stupid (Metal vs Plastic Parts)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to talk about why certain car parts should never be made out of plastic, but many manufacturers are doing just that, now I understand that plastic is much easier and cheaper to make, this is a plastic […]

Why Roller Coaster Track is Filled with Sand

For the past century, theme parks all over the world have been battling one another to construct taller, faster, and more exhilarating thrill machines in order to outshine the competition and attract the largest crowds. Driving this battle forward are the engineers and roller coaster designers who have developed innovative ways to build these towering […]

Automated Hot Wire TIG Welding Robot Review (Robotic Welding Manipulator Cell Demonstration)

Automated hot wire TIG welding system. Kuka robot integrated with weld seam tracking and positioning systems. Vision systems for precision tracking of weld joints. Fully automated, high quality TIG welds.