Akrapovic Slip-on Exhaust Install on a 15-17 Yamaha R3 | SportbikeTrackGear.com

Hi, I’m Brian Van, Sportbiketrackgear.com. And today we’re going to install the Akrapovic slip on on our 2015 Yamaha YZF-R3 STG project bike. I rolled this thing home from the dealer and it’s really cool This is a cool Super Sport bike for sure. The first mod we’re going to do is this because it’s […]

Welding exhaust system for Lamborghini GALLARDO (pt.1 Fit the JOOMBRA mufflers)

from Germany which stands 1400 At least we get in … I’m not having a simple car today and not an easy task to build exhaust system. this is a lamborghini gallardo, 5 liters v10 I need to make her quiet [music] [applause] it has a tuned exhaust system performance and sound like the owner […]

Maserati GT 4200 Welding exhaust tips

Welcome my friends. In the first part of my story about the creation the mufflers for Maserati gt. I showed you the internal structure of the factory mufflers and to obtain more powerful sound I remade it own way . Added vacuum the flap and have the opportunity to switch the exhaust to quiet mode. […]

You Need This Tool – Episode 59 | Muffler And Exhaust Pipe Expander

it’s Friday fool and you need this tool welcome back to another glorious episode of it’s Friday fool you need this tool my name is Kyle Voss and every friday i bring you a tool a tool that is used here in this shop or that i have featured on this channel do you guys […]

How to Find and Repair Exhaust Leaks EASY (Without a Welder)

Hey Guys ChrisFix Here! And today I am going to show you how to find an Exhaust Leak in your car or truck After we find the leak I am going to show you how to seal it and repair it. Without using a welder, That way you can do this at home, Inexpecively. Using […]