Job Oriented Courses for Mechanical Engineers

Tom was working for timber merchant from five years as wood cutter. But in spite of his hard work he never got a salary increment. And suddenly one day Dave a new woodcutter also came to work for same timber merchant. But Dave who has just finished his six months got bonus plus 50% hike […]

Cross Bracing – Marble Machine X #72

When I was a kid, I loved building treehouses. Treehouses were magical castles where I could let my imagination run totally free. The treehouses has evolved since then, but a function remains the same. I’m still building castles where I can let my imagination run free. I have one particularly strong memory. There was this […]

Space Engineers the movie: Part 12. Revelation

You’ll pay for this! Just wait and see: This isn’t over. Have you done as I asked? Aye Ma’am! Package is on board of the Tygora. They’ll never know what hit them. Ma’am! Another CCF warship is inbound. What do we do? I think we overstayed our welcome. Helm warp us out! Aye, aye. I […]