Newton’s Prism Experiment

(mechanical sound effects) – [Voiceover] In this video, we’re going to look at the relationship between white light and color by recreating a portion of Newton’s prism experiment, as presented in a letter to the Royal Society in 1671. But first, a little bit of background. At the time of his experiment, the prevailing theory […]

Beyond the Metal: NASA Investigating Soft Robots for Space Exploration

There’s a lot of things that you need to do on the surface of another planet such as exploring a site or maybe correcting an instrument or creating a temporary shelter to shield from dust or wind on Mars. We are looking into a swarm of soft robots that can move around the surface of […]

BMP Metals | Custom Precision Metal Fabrication

BMP metals incorporated, a family-owned and operated custom precision sheet metal fabricator that has continued to deliver on a commitment of quality since 1984. With vast in-house capabilities built on meeting even the most specific requirements, our company is equipped to produce almost anything and everything made out of metal. Whether you require engineering and […]

Cordless Anti-static Bracelet, Garbage or Junk?

Hi, Melvin asked me on Twitter if it is possible to make a bracelet that removes the static electricity from body and avoids shock Of course, there are these straps that ground the body and remove static electricity But is it possible to make a cordless one? And surely after I did a quick search, […]

The Metal Halide Lamp (MH)

Here we have some Metal Halide HID Lamps-High Intensity Discharge which in it self is a family of lamps that produces light by passing current thru a gas like a florescent but at high intensity. The arc itself produces enough light to actually be useable as a light source so unlike the florescent they don’t […]

Definition of Voltage and Current (ElectroBOOM101-002)

Hi, now that you know the most accurate theory of how electron came to life, let’s get into electronics, but not quite yet. I can’t just tell you what the voltage and current are – the video would be too short. You won’t quite grasp the meaning. So when scientists were discovering electricity, they already […]

Electricity and Magnetism Course

Hello and welcome guys to my channel; EEC-Education. The House of Electrical, Electronics, Communication and Computer Engineering. Don’t forget to subscribe and like this video. And let’s Start. Today, I will start my First course which is Electricity and Magnetism. It is a very interesting topic and a good start for anyone interested in this […]

Don’t Build a Metal Foundry Until you See This First

Okay, what’s up guys today? Today I’m out here with my mini metal foundry because we’re celebrating a milestone. The video on melting Pop cans has reached over thirteen and a half million views and over one hundred thousand likes. Now when I first made the metal foundry I had no idea that so many […]

Engineering Students Use EKG Electrodes to Examine Hearts

So take one of everything — we have extra electrodes. We have three wires on our ECG sensor and we have to plug that into the arduino so we that we get the correct signal out. So now we can plug in our electrodes. I’ve never had like pads on my hands. I’ve had electrodes […]