Why The Fusion 160 is Camburg Engineering’s Favorite Machine

Hi, I’m Jerry Zaiden, we’re here at Camburg Engineering at Huntington Beach, California and we’re showing you the new Miller Fusion 160. This is one of our favorite machines from Miller for a few reasons. One, this small machine right here, electric start, powers up a whole pit, 6500 watts. The second feature that we […]

How to Update Software on Your Miller Engine-Driven Welder

The other question that I frequently get is about software updates. So we’re constantly taking feedback from our customers. And periodically we’ll release a new version of software. Now we put our software out on our Miller website, so you go to millerwelds.com, and near the top of the page, there’ll be a support bar. […]

Fuel Efficient Welding Equipment Keeps Noise Down

When you strike an arc on most machines, immediately the engine drive goes into full run mode. With the TrailBlazer, one I thing like about the Auto-Speed what it does is it just, it just runs the speed it needs to run in order to get the parameters you need. With the Auto-Speed technology, it […]

Pipeline Welding Requires a Durable Machine

I’m a Local 798 Pipeline Welder and we travel all over the country building pipelines. Generally, we have two to three days to get there, sometimes a little longer depending on the distance of the job. And if you’re gonna drive 2,000 miles, when you get there, you need a welding machine that’s gonna work. […]

M&M Welding Saves Time and Money With ArcReach Technology

I’m Mark Upshaw, and about five years ago my wife and I started M&M Welding. We do work all over the state of California. We do a lot of different types of welding here. Primarily we’re mobile welding. Our customers need high-quality welds — critical welds — but they also need the job done quick […]