Electricity Bill breakdown

My name is mMorgan Holmes, and I am a researcher with the Energy Policy Innovation Council or EPIC, at Arizona State University. We provide unbiased research, and information to policymakers and the community on energy policy best practices with a special focus on Arizona and clean energy innovation. Today I’m going to talk about what […]

4. Electricity markets and energy security: investing in interconnections

The following module will address electricity policies. Electricity is becoming more and more important in world energy demand. In the 1970s electricity demand was only 10% among other fuels. Now this share has at least doubled. This also has repercussions on the political importance of electricity. Likewise, those who are interested in the issue of […]

Energy 101: Why We Need Electricity

We use electricity for almost everything. We use it to wash our clothes keep our homes comfortable, enjoy entertainment, and protect our food and medicines. Every day we’re adding new power consuming devices that were increasingly dependent upon. One of the fastest growing demands on energy is the cloud. A huge collection of wireless transmitters […]