Why Phones Catch on Fire While Charging

Hi there. Cell phones certainly make our lives easier, but they can also be dangerous. And I’m not talking about too much screen time. Sometimes phones explode. Literally. Let’s find out why this happens and what to do to prevent it. Let me clear one thing up before we get into the details: the phone […]

inverter ac vs non inverter ac electricity consumption in hindi urdu /english subtitle

hello friends welcome to my channel today we are going to compare inverter ac vs non inveerter ac electricity consumption like share sub we have a inverter ac which is gree 1 ton and second one is lg non inverter ac lets compare them friends we have a little sutup we attached digitle metre and […]

24 Hours No Electronics No Technology / That YouTub3 Family

How to Replace the Hard Disk Drive | HP Desktop Pro, Pro A G2, G3 and 190-0000 PC | HP

How to Replace the Hard Disk Drive Before you begin: Remove the side panel, the optical drive, if installed, and the front bezel. Removal Disconnect the power and SATA data cables from the hard disk drive. Pull back the metal hook on the drive cage that secures the optical drive power cable. Remove the optical […]

#EP-70 Home Made Welding Machine Pt 2

Not 8 Its 18Cm Height Of Core 18.5 CM Width Of Core

Cordless Anti-static Bracelet, Garbage or Junk?

Hi, Melvin asked me on Twitter if it is possible to make a bracelet that removes the static electricity from body and avoids shock Of course, there are these straps that ground the body and remove static electricity But is it possible to make a cordless one? And surely after I did a quick search, […]

Elektromanyetik Teori Ders 1 Giriş / Electromagnetic Theory Introduction , Basics of Electricity

Hello friends! Today! I will begin with the Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Theory (EM) First of all, the coordinate system is the important point at the beginning of EM Theory. The directions which are perpendicular to each other can be named as the orthogonal system. The expression of… an observation point P is important by using […]

How to Get Carbon Graphite Electrode from Zinc Carbon Battery

[ ♫ – Intro Music Plays -] In order to find graphite electrodes, you need to buy and make sure that the batteries are carbon zinc Alkaline batteries will not work I also recommend wearing gloves, because the process is dirty I begin by taking the packaging apart and looking for a way to disassemble […]

Liquid metal electrode makes superstretchy nanogenerator

Wearable electronics could be getting stretchier thanks to flexible electrodes made from a liquid metal alloy. Researchers used the electrodes to create devices that harvest energy from human movement to power small, portable gadgets or, in this example, a bunch of LEDs. Wearable electronics have many promising applications for fitness, health monitoring, communication and more. […]

Definition of Voltage and Current (ElectroBOOM101-002)

Hi, now that you know the most accurate theory of how electron came to life, let’s get into electronics, but not quite yet. I can’t just tell you what the voltage and current are – the video would be too short. You won’t quite grasp the meaning. So when scientists were discovering electricity, they already […]