📌Gratis energie (stroom) met een citroenbatterij! / Free energy (electricity) with a lemon battery!

Hello all, welcome again to a new video on my channel. Today we are going to generate our own electricity! See you after the intro. What do we need? Some nails, a couple of pieces of zinc, a LED light, some tape, pliers, some wires and a couple of lemons. And my own fuel 🙂 […]

Overview of B/W Controls Electrode Holders

H,i I’m Ryan with Nelson Northwest and in this video we’re going to take a look at some of the BW Controls Electrode Holder options. To start with, let’s look at holders for solid rod electrodes. The most common solid rod electrode holder is the 6012 E-series. This is a pressure tight holder that holds […]

Innovation Awards Winners 2017 – Boron doped diamond electrodes

What Zoe’s doing behind me is recording a pH measurement. It’s really important in water quality and health monitoring It’s based on technology that’s over 100 years old. I’ve always been interested in trying to develop a sensor material that would be extremely robust; the one that really kept coming back to me that had […]

Overview of B/W Controls Electrodes

Hi I’m Ryan with Nelson Northwest, and in this video we’re going to take a look at some of the BW Controls Electrode options. First let’s take a look at solid rod electrodes. Solid rod electrodes are typically used with electrode plugs or BW Controls E-Series holders. The most common is the bare stainless, with […]

How to Get Carbon Graphite Electrode from Zinc Carbon Battery

[ ♫ – Intro Music Plays -] In order to find graphite electrodes, you need to buy and make sure that the batteries are carbon zinc Alkaline batteries will not work I also recommend wearing gloves, because the process is dirty I begin by taking the packaging apart and looking for a way to disassemble […]

Electrode placement

In this video we will speak about electrodes placement for the standard 12-lead ECG 12-lead ECG is the standard ECG, it consists of 12 leads and requires 10 electrodes. Difference in the color markings of limb lead is somewhat confusing because of two systems for the markings of limb electrodes: IES (International Electrotechnical Comission) and […]