Digital pH Meter Calibration and Working by Solution-Pharmacy in ENGLISH

Hello friends welcome to the channel solution this video is all about handling of digital pH meter In the first part we will demonstrate you about about the parts of digital pH meter This is pH electrode which is dipped into distilled water This is pH meter This is functional node which has 03 mode […]

HOW TO MAKE KIMCHI? ( : VINATech got the answer[Subtitles]

Now ready for Kimchi making Stretching before long hours of Kimchi making Set the tables to make Kimchi Set the tables to make Kimchi Set the tables to make Kimchi Just like making supercapacitor Just like making supercapacitor Prepare ourselves Prepare ourselves Ready? Ready? Prepare ourselves Ready? Get, Set, Go! Go VINATech Show me the […]

SMARTElectrode – How to redefine operation origin?

Hello! Today I will show you how to redefine the zero-point in SMARTElectrode interactively. This enhancement is available from Version The burnsheet shows all chosen parameters including their position. If the zero-point shall be changed, this can be done in the operation definition user interface or in Creo Parametric directly. The new coordinate system […]

SMARTElectrode – How to use burnsheet notification?

Hello, I want to show you one of the improvements in SMARTElectrode 12. In the new release, we further improved the display and processing of notifications. These can be analyzed more closely in the burnsheet user interface and corrected if necessary. The software differentiates between errors, warnings and information. In most cases, information describes the […]

O eletrodo revestido

Hello students and apprentices! Today the our meeting will be about a well-known element welding: the electrode. Have you ever wondered why does this component have this name? So that we can understand where comes the name – electrode – it is important that the people know that every circuit of welding by electric arc, […]


Turbo noises Hi guys, welcome to Baguete’s Garage Today we will repair a cast iron exhaust manifold that cracked Let´s start by removing the manifold from the engine Now we will remove the catalytic converter and the oxygen sensor The catalytic converter is in good shape and the gasket too Let’s clean the area where […]

How to More Easily Attach a Large Diameter Electrode

A lot of times, you might be intimated by a large diameter tube trying to weld it on. So an easier way to do it is to actually pull the glass, make a small splice and give yourself a smaller hole – about 6 mm or 7 mm. Hole you’re piping [and] cold cathode are […]

How to attach an electrode to the SMART Cap

Attach electrode Unscrew and remove the electron soaker bottle move the white lid up the electrode body revealing the rubber seal beneath pull the rubber seal down over the electrode tip then remove the lid turn the clip attached to the temperature sensor to the left by 90 degrees carefully align and screw the pH […]