How to Use an Arc Weld : Direction of Travel for Arc Welding

Hello! My name is Mac. On behalf of, I am here to continue our discussion on shielded metal arc welding or stick welding as it is commonly referred to. In previous episodes, we have discussed striking an arc and running a bead of weld. We touched briefly on direction of travel and I will […]


The Gala Invermig Syner 230 MP BI-PULSE is a 200 A single-phase and multi-process inverter device for MIG-MAG (standard, pulsed and bi-pulsed) TIG (standard and pulsed) and electrode welding. With more than 100 preset programs the Invermig BiPulse is an optimal and versatile solution for professional welding applications of aluminium and stainless steel. Its synergic […]


160A electrode welding unit, with INVERTER technology (direct current) For rutile, basic, stainless steel, cast iron electrode welding 230V single phase supply Light unit (4.2 Kg), with low power consumption Delivered in case, with electrode holder, and welding clamp Constant welding current ARC FORCE : instantaneous increase of the current in difficult welding situations ANTI-STICKING […]

You Need This Tool – Episode 67 | Lincoln Electric Flame Resistant Welding Sleeves

it’s Friday fool and you need this tool welcome back to another glorious episode of it’s Friday fool you need this tool my name is Kyle Voss and every Friday I bring you a tool a tool that I use here in this shop or that I have featured on this channel this week’s tool […]

Miller Users Weld for Performance

(upbeat music) – I’m Dan Reiger, I’m a welder at the Bobcat Company in Gwinner, North Dakota. Bobcat’s been around for 60 years. I’ve been with Bobcat for 27 years myself. Anything I do I like to be consistent in my welding. My wife calls me a perfectionist. Miller, it makes my work better, my […]

Arc Welding Technique – Kevin Caron

(Text on screen): Arc Welding Technique, Kevin Caron, The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing? Kevin Caron: Well, I’ve had several requests for arc welding video. You know what arc welding is? The Voice: Nope. Kevin Caron: No? Neither do a lot of other people. Come here; let me show you. So, you […]

GNTC | Welding and Joining Technology at Georgia Northwestern Technical College

(Announcer) Welding is a major part of virtually all manufacturing, construction, repair, and processing industries. It is a necessary function in the creation of all vehicles, buildings, bridges, pipelines, planes, boats, rockets and much more. The Welding and Joining Program at Georgia Northwestern Technical College prepares students for the welding industry by providing practical experience […]

How to Use an Arc Weld : Basics of Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Hello! My name is Mac. I am here on behalf of We would like to continue our discussions on the arc welding process of stick welding. This is an electrode holder and this is one of the shielded metal arc welding electrodes. Place the electrode in the electrode holder, turn the handle and clamp […]

How to Select Rods for Arc Welding- Technical Secrets urdu hindi

salam o alikum my name is kashif raza and you are watching technical secrets. i hope that all friends will be fine there. as you know that today’s video topic is arc welding electrodes. stick welding or shielded metal arc welding skill that take much practice to master and selecting the correct electrode for the […]

DIY Corner Clamp / Jig (Updated Version Available) Superseded

I have already started on this project but thought other people might be interested I’m going to make a corner clamp Just a piece of metal. I can use regular C clamps like this Clamp stuff to it at 90 degrees which is useful This is 8 x 8 inch that I made a while […]