Why 3 Phase AC instead of Single Phase???

Hi. In my last video, I talked about how Tesla won the AC-DC battle against Edison. But then he shoved three-phase AC down our throats instead of single-phase AC. Edison: “Oh no, he didn’t. He always asked for too much” Ah, get lost Eddy! Obviously Tesla had a good reason. What is a three-phase AC? […]

Why Use AC Instead of DC at Home??

Hi. Why do we ever use AC to power homes instead of DC? Haven’t I showed you that AC is typically more dangerous than DC? [Painful Gurgle] Can we run everything on DC? Yes! In fact pretty much every device at home has to rectify AC into DC first before it can use it so […]

Handyman Profit / Top 10 Most Profitable Handyman Jobs / JOBS THAT WILL MAKE YOU MONEY

Hey friends Allen Lee here with honest lee handyman services out of Sacramento, California And today I wanted to talk about the top 10 most profitable handyman jobs. I Looked at various different handyman jobs, and I used the same strategy that I talked about in my video last week which is maximum profit equals […]

How to make a “super” extension cord (aka power distribution box)

Hi Makers, Builders and Do-It-Yourselfers. Harley here. My wife has this pile of miscellaneous chargers and wall warts and things that need to be plugged in and she only has one outlet. It’s kind of a mess to be changing things back and forth. It’s a messy pile; she doesn’t know what to do with […]

Forney® Electrical Solder LIne

Have an electrical or wiring issue that needs repair? Or maybe a broken circuit board that needs a simple solder fix? The Electrical Solder offering at Forney Industries has a solution. Electrical Solder has good bonding quality and is available in lead and lead-free options. The lead-free options in this line contain a high TIN […]

Do I need a permit for every hot work job?

Do I need a permit for every hot work job? Not necessarily. If you’re in one of those designated areas, like we mentioned before, you probably don’t need a permit. If you’re in an area that doesn’t have any combustible material within that 35 foot radius, then you don’t need a permit. There is a […]

What is a Transformer? An Electrical Transformer Tutorial

In this video I am going to explain how transformers work and show you how to wire one up to step mains voltages down to lower voltages that your projects may need. In my project we will step down 120V to 24V but the same principles will apply to most transformers. I’ll also give you […]