Joint Support supplement video review by Muscle Research

What’s up guys its Tyler from Muscle Research. As you can see I’m in my own shirt today I mean its a lot more comfy it not as big and I don’t feel like I’m swimming in a t-shirt. It’s awesome! Today we are going to talk about Xtreme Joint Xtreme Joint is part of […]

Elbow Joint – 3D Anatomy Tutorial

This is a tutorial on the elbow joint. So at the elbow joint, you’ve got three joints which are involved. You’ve got the humerus, the radius and the ulna. So there are actually three articulations involved with the elbow joint. You’ve got an articulation between the humerus and the ulna, so that’s the humeroulnar joint. […]

FRP Butt-Joint Kit Lamination Tutorial【FRPpiping】 *Please turn on CC subtitle in setup*

Check spec sheet to confirm the contains of joint kit. Measure the polish width according to spec sheet. Grind both pipe ends. Grind curve(about 30°~ 40°) at the connecting edge of both pipe ends. Brush off the dust. Apply small amount of resin (with about 3% hardener) to glue both pipe ends. Check label to […]

quick coupling welding stainless steel elbow pipe connector casting 90 degree

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Как сделать налокотник. Часть 2/ How to make an elbow. Part 2 Eng sub

Hello again! We continue working on the elbow started in the previous video. Last time we stopped at the stage where we’d assembled these edges together. This is a rough blank and we need to fix the shape. The shape is more symmetrical now. Of course, there are more things to work on. For example, […]

Как сделать налокотник. Часть 1/ How to make an elbow. Part 1

Hello everyone! As promised, I will now show how to make this elbow. It is twisted as a cone. It is not a proper forged elbow, which would be whole and spherical. This one is easier to make, and the shape is nice at the end. The only difference is that this one has a […]