How To Make Hairpin Legs From Rebar | Welding 101

hey everyone Chad from ManCrafting and I just left Tom’s house and this is Tom Mills from GreenShortz DIY here on YouTube I do a channel that focuses on DIY content within an eye towards sustainability so rocket stove for example is green because you use found fuel sticks and twigs versus charcoal or larger […]

Eastwood MIG 135 Welder – A Must Have Welder for Your Garage!

mig welding is popular because it’s so easy as well as efficient and convenient a MIG welder will practically pay for itself the first time you repaired or fender or weld in a patch panel not to mention the satisfaction of doing the work yourself and doing it right this minute 135 is backed by […]

Learn the Basics of TIG Welding & Understand Common Mistakes – A Live Demonstration from Eastwood

yeah questions for you guys also if you want to win some free stuff we have our take 200 gasps lens kit here which we’re going to show you a few seconds we’re going to be giving two of those away so what I want to see I want to see what you guys are […]