Combine All of Your Contacts in One Place

This episode of Tekzilla Bites is brought to you by Citrix GoToAssist, the number one global market leader in remote support. Welcome to Tekzilla Bites, feeding your tech hunger fast. I’m Shannon Morse, and I have email contacts. I have Facebook contacts. And I have phone contacts. These are people that I never contact on […]

⋒ How sport is merged with technology: Nacsport

THE NAC Sport is a software that allows real-time analysis overlapping images to compare statistics snapshots the software offers a number of features that seem designed to football however … is not the case the large number of applications in the world of football that have this program has become one of the favorite toys […]

BON JOVI – IT’S MY LIFE (Metal Cover)

Hey guys, PelleK here. Hope you’re doing awesome! This is another video in the Coca-Cola sponsored campaign “Choose Happiness.” So uh, songs that make me happy and I hope make you happy as well. Today we’re really gonna ‘metallize’ this song. “It’s my life” by Bon Jovi, and I hope you like it, leave a […]

Microwave Turntable Motor: DC to AC Generator. DC Motor to AC Electricity Generation

Generador DC a AC Motor DVD y Motor de Microondas Motor DC con 6V rotando iman de motor de microondas Dale Like, Comparte Subscribete Se Felíz

Basic English Wheel Technique, Lazze Metal Shaping

Hi I’m Lazze and I’m teaching people in metal shaping and you have met me before on YouTube and on my website probably. On this video I going to show you for free what, what we have on the DVD that we sell. This will give you a very important preview of how to use […]

Lazze Metal Shaping: Tricks Using Magnets to Make Working Easier

So when we building a car body we using something that is very unique, actually and we using very strong magnets. And because when we make the left side and then we make the right side of the cowl, and then we make the door but then we going to put the pieces together; how […]

Lazze Metal Shaping: Keeping Flat Materials Flat in the Bead Roller PART 2

Hi I’m Lazze and I’m back here with this floor pan and it’s going to be part two for this video. And you see how this panel came out for on the first video we made and it’s curved this way and many times it’s get really oilcan and it’s really hard that weld it […]

Lazze Metal Shaping: Stainless Steel Panel in the Bead Roller

Hi I’m Lazze and this is going to be the next trick in the bead roller with a skateboard wheel. And we find out new things all the time to do in with the skateboard wheel and this is amazing. And you going to love this. Look at this side or half of motorcycle tank. […]