DaniLeigh – FLAME

Niggas lines I’m the ring leader in the circus Working hard you can hear it all in my verses Apologize if the way I flex make you nervous shit is deeper than the surface I’m just sayin’ its all worth it ‘Cause lately woah, yeh I been cooking in the kitchen, yeh ‘Cause i been […]

Audacity How to Edit Tutorial : Merge Tracks

Hello musicians thanks for joining us my name is Andrew Mercer and this very shortly tutorial show you have to say evading in audacity it specifically i’m gonna show you how to merge tracks uh… take the best pieces of separate peaks cmi find that the first half of one st making really good in […]

How To Repair Door Panel – Patch Panel Installation Using Mini TIG Torch – Eastwood

we’re restoring an old vehicle you’re just doing a repaint you can’t always trust the paint that you see on the outside of the body panels especially a vehicle that has had an obvious paint job that’s old this door is a perfect example in beginning it looked like it had half decent body work […]