Dual-Pol Radar: Melting Layer Identification

alright so we just dealt with in all the previous modules a lot of warm season convective severe uses for dual-pol but of course it has lots of ability and lots of utility with winter weather and one of the main things is spotting where we have melting going on where we have snow melting […]

Portable POWER MIG® Family

I’m standing here in the corporate headquarters Lincoln Electric in Cleveland, Ohio. I’m actually standing in the manufacturing facility. Today I’d like to talk about the small portable POWER MIGs from Lincoln– the POWER MIG 140C, the POWER MIG 180C, and the POWER MIG 180 Dual. The neat thing about these machines are they’re complete […]

What is a Transformer? An Electrical Transformer Tutorial

In this video I am going to explain how transformers work and show you how to wire one up to step mains voltages down to lower voltages that your projects may need. In my project we will step down 120V to 24V but the same principles will apply to most transformers. I’ll also give you […]