How to Cut Carbon Fibre Sheet and Carbon Fiber Parts (Technique & Safety)

Welcome to this Easy Composites guide to cutting, shaping and finishing carbon fibre sheet and carbon fibre parts. The idea of this tutorial is to cover some important safety information and also to explain the best techniques for cutting this material and then shaping and finishing the cut edges. This guide should provide helpful information […]

Drilling Through Plate Stainless Steel – Xtorque Tested

Today we’re looking at these four drill bits from Xtourque and we are going to be putting them to the test by drilling unassisted into six and a half millimeter stainless steel plate. This bit is made from M2 role forged steel it is suitable for your common drilling needs from metal to plastic to […]

Ruko Drill Taps In Use Demonstration


Remove a broken bolt using a left handed drill bit

when you come across a broken ball lies you’ve got a few options for getting it out but one of the best ones if it works is to use a left-handed drill bit now normally you drilled in a clockwise direction and the problem with that is you’ve actually tie it in the ball top […]

Spot Welding Tips, Rust Removal and DIY Garage Tips on Mark’s R&D Corner from Eastwood, Episode 1

Mark here product manager at Eastwood and what we’re going to do is show you some tips and tricks to help around the shop and also some great new products let’s get started first thing we’re going to show you is basic it cutting with the hacksaw here’s what is your cutting a round object […]

Drilling Through Structural Steel With New & Old Drill Bits | Fasteners 101

Welcome back to Albany County Fasteners – Fasteners 101 I’m Bob and today going to show you and demonstrate how to properly drill a hole in a piece of structural steel. So let’s get started. I have a push punch here. This is a spring actuated punch. I’m going to align the punch with the […]

Rust Repair Panel DIY – Patch Panel & Installation Kit for your Car from Eastwood

all right today what we’re going to do is sew sew a patch panel here get this mg fender here with a guy wants to repair and you can see it’s a lot of legwork and from the back side we saw a lot of holes back here so we gotta cut this out a […]

How to Use a Power Drill and Impact Driver | WOODWORKING BASICS

Sure, of course. Drilling holes is boring. But you can liven it up with a handful of fairy dust and a little bit of — microjig maker of the gripper. Work safer. Work smarter. — I think my two most often used tools are my drill and my impact driver. They are useful for woodworking […]