Toy Design & Sculpture: Joint Overview – FREE CHAPTER

SANDY COLLORA: This is also commonly referred to as a swivel joint, and it’s usually used in the head of an action figure. This is an action figure I did way back in the day for a company called Mezco. This is the Captain Nemo Wave Rider action figure. And as you can see, his […]

Illustration & Drawing Tips : How to Draw Flames

O.k. folks, in this clip I’m going to teach you how to draw flames. Now flames are relatively simple if you’re drawing them in cartoon form. If you really wanted to go in to graphic detail that would take a great deal of time and practice. But just about anybody can draw flames. And one […]

Simplifying Joints In Perspective – Human Anatomy

Let’s use some real bones as reference. It’s good to have a full sized human skeleton, one cast from real bones, so that you can compare this to your actual body. But the problem is that these thing are riveted so that it doesn’t move like a human skeleton moves. There is a spool in […]

How to draw with MELTED CRAYONS

Wow! That was coool! Bye, guys! Thank you for the awesome session! Sam, you’re soaked through and shivering! Yes, Sue. I’m soaked through and through. I have a fever. I can feel the end is near. Can I have some hot tea with some raspberry jam? Poor Sammy. Oh! Ugh! I feel awfuuul.. Here, my […]

The 6 Types of Joints – Human Anatomy for Artists

The joints of the skeleton define the motion of the body and its limitations. Hey welcome to another lesson on Proko. This lesson is about the types of joints in the human body. As artists we really only need to learn the synovial joints, like the shoulder and knee, because they move. Joints that are […]

Video about some techniques for feeding filler rods . TIG welding . Electrode

Video on some techniques for feeding weld rods Hello. Today we made a video about some techniques for feeding weld rods. Please press “subscribe” and “Like”. This is one of the most commonly used delivery methods for supplying welding rods. Daddy finger Mommy finger Brother finger Sister finger Baby finger I’m going to show you […]

How to Merge Layers in Storyboard Pro

In order to merge layers, you need to select at least two of them. So in this case I’m going to select Celina’s hand and Celina’s line work. So in order to select multiple layers you just need to click on their first layer, hold down Shift and then click on a second layer or […]

Combining two different animals to make a new animal

Hey friends so today we’re gonna become scientists and do some horrible experiments and see if we can combine some animals to make some new ones! So I found this random animal generator but it only has, like, popular animals..its racist basically. So instead im gonna take Wikipedia’s list of animals and a random number […]

Simple architect practice- COMBINE THE SHAPES

Hello. I am very glad that you find me This short video will reveal to you that there is infinite amount of combinations of shapes One simple practice will obligate you to start to think not just copy of a particular for building. When we get an object, which looks unusual we just combine our […]