🛑 No More Fuses or Relays! | ECUMaster PMU [TECH NUGGET]

– It’s safe to say that fuses and relays may be becoming a thing of the past. Often we see technology from professional level motorsport start to filter down and become more accessible to us in the hobbyist and semi professional motorsport market. One of those technologies is solid state power management units. These replace […]

[TECH NUGGET] Never change a fuse again?! | PDM

– Traditionally, when wiring up a race car, it’s been most common to see people using fuses and relays to control the various circuits being used. A better technique that we’re starting to see filter down from professional motorsport is the use of a PDM, or a Power Distribution Module. This removes the relays and […]

Build & Battle: Automatic vs Manual Transmission, Which is Faster in a Drag Race? EP.4

– They cheated twice! (guys laughing) That motor doesn’t even have an oil pan, and they took me for $100. It was supposed to be complete with an oil pan, oil pan was sitting outside! (rhythmic music) – [Mechanic] There’s a right tool for the job, and this is not it. – Nobody’s cheating. – […]

Nitrous Backfire Intake Manifold Repair – FAIL

Its December and amazingly its still warm outside it wont last long though Im sure start burning some wood and wearing some coats There are alot of thing about being a fabricator or just someone who can fix something one of the perks is stuff people deem as trash they will give you for free […]

Welding A Custom Fuel Filler And Battery Tray | Turbo Mustang

I think today is going to be a hang out with me day you okay with that nothing in particular going to be working on except for the goose going to try to get some stuff down this thing going to try to finish the filler next to the fuel tank may work on some […]

Open Wheel Driver Sara Elrod Combines Passion for Racing, Welding

My name is Sara Elrod and I started racing when I was 5 years old and I started working for Doug Wright Racing about two years ago and it’s a hot rod and fabrication shop and I’m a welder I went to school for welding and he actually owns the car that I drive and […]

TIG Welding Aluminum Manifolds with John Marcella

My name is John Marcella and I’m owner of Marcella Manifolds. Primarily build sheet metal intake manifolds for drag racing purposes. Do some extensive modifications of cast manifolds as well. I love the sport. I used my own car as kind of a testbed for some new ideas because you know you can’t just, you […]