Stainless Steel Wave Slide – PlayBooster® – Landscape Structures

Swing down on the bar. There! [laughing]

Stainless Steel Slide – PlayShaper® – Landscape Structures

Go down the slide and smile. [cheering] Yay Maddie! [laughing] Yay!

What is a Transformer? An Electrical Transformer Tutorial

In this video I am going to explain how transformers work and show you how to wire one up to step mains voltages down to lower voltages that your projects may need. In my project we will step down 120V to 24V but the same principles will apply to most transformers. I’ll also give you […]


Now , I have decided in this video. that i need to use Some J-B Weld (two part epoxy) Epoxy, and I found a weak spot -Right… in this area right here So=I am going to show you how I USE J-B Weld This version takes about 24 hours to cure Thats if ..done […]