It’s Raining Melted Gummy Worm

Wow, dude. Did you just eat that for real? You know what? What’s up guys welcome back. I’m here with another giant of a man, Mr. Logan Paul! Logan [oh] that is me. What is up? Yo this guy’s crazy, bro! So, today we got the world’s largest gummy worm We’re bringing back liquid nitrogen, […]

Raiders of the Lost Ark (9/10) Movie CLIP – Face Melting Power (1981) HD

Marion, don’t look at it Shut your eyes Marion and don’t look at it no matter what happens. It’s beautiful! Don’t look Marion keep your eyes shut! *screaming*

Jaelynn Studios: The Awakening Of Ivy: The Mysterious Flame (S1, EP 14)

Entity: The Flame Don’t do anything stupid Where there will be consequences Flame: Okay Entity: Stay put She’s near! Lorraine: Hey Maxi You know kind of I’m kind of having this bad feeling Maxi: About? Lorraine: Everything it feels like something dark is coming Maxi: Been feeling a little bit of that too Lorraine: So, […]

Kyle On Butt Implants & His Fortnite Strategy | Rant & Rave | Fuse

Fuck Thanos Okay straight up Thanos, fuck you dog I don’t like you at all Thanos is trashFortnightis dope I don’t be gettin no kills though straight hidin’ I don’t build I don’t kill I just go in a very small regular ass looking house and just literally squat in there the whole time You […]


Cut my throat and throw me to the wolves I’m just too tired, too tired to reload Don’t need your tears, I don’t need your love Don’t need your sympathy, I am above I’ll be the ghost that haunts you in your sleep You have anchored the hate in me Don’t need your tears, I […]

Jason Soffer – Fear To Flames

Fear to Flames All we have is all we have I know. But this feeling is in my hands… If I’m good enough to stand Then I’m a sweet, sweet harmony yeah… Lord and we fall and we fall and we fall so deep. This winter come and shake us down off our feet. I’m […]

Cinnamon and Honey For Weight Loose | Miracle Recipe That Melt fat in 1 week | 100 % Working.

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