These Engineers Want to 3D Print an Entire Rocket in 60 Days

Stargate is the world’s largest metal 3D printer entirely built and designed in-house. The core of it includes three robot arms — one of which is doing printing — and the other two are doing post post-processing. This is a six degree of freedom industrial robot arm so it can move anywhere within about a […]

The Hair Metal Singer Who Turned to Classical Music

(metal music) – The year is 1988; big hair and denim are in. (“Seventeen” by Winger) The ultimate lead singer in hair metal, Kip Winger, and his band are at the top of the charts. But the party that seemed like it would never end suddenly came crashing down. (birds singing) No air play, no […]

Inside Germany’s Most Harmful Energy Source: Brown Coal Blues

How Close Are We to Fusion Energy?

Coal is dirty. Nuclear is scary. Solar and wind aren’t always reliable. Hydrothermal and hydroelectric aren’t widely accessible. And we’ll eventually deplete our oil reserves. Okay, yes, this is all a bit of hyperbole, but the bottom line is that we don’t have a perfect source of energy. But, there might be hope. Around the […]

Metal Love

(Solemn Music) There isn’t any real structure behind my art. Every action that goes into the creation of a piece takes life through what I feel in that precise moment: that’s how I work with the wire! The three-dimensional shapes are created without using any support but by changing the direction of the wire as […]

Syrian Metal Is War – A Força do Verdadeiro Metal!

Hey Nerdbanger! beauty? Welcome to Nerd Metal, I’m Pablo. I’m Eduardo Zang. And today, let’s talk True Underground Scenery, is not it? That’s right So before we start the video (although we’ve already started it…) Do not forget, join the channel! See people on social networks there Nerd Metal It’s on Facebook, it’s on Instagram. […]


Waaaaahhh!!!! The seaweed is always greener In somebody else’s lake You dream about going up there But that is a big mistake Just look at the world around you Right here on the ocean floor Such wonderful things surround you What more is you looking for ? Under the sea, under the sea, Darling it’s […]

Eagles of Death Metal Discuss Paris Terror Attacks

Heavy Metal in Baghdad Trailer

SUROOSH ALVI: We’re in Baghdad. We’re here to interview the only Iraqi heavy metal band called Acrassicauda. We’ve been following them for three years. This is risky, it’s dangerous, people would say it’s really fucking stupid for us to be doing this. But heavy metal rules. MALE SPEAKER 1: Rock stars, yeah. MALE SPEAKER 2: […]