The Artist Bringing Vibrant Skeletons to Life

(dramatic music) – The reason why I chose a skull more than anything else is because underneath all our skin is a skull. It’s the universal image to everybody. (speaking Spanish) – My name is Butch Locsin, I am a contemporary performance artist here in Los Angeles. I wear a skull mask and I play […]

This Cajun Restaurant Has a Year-Long Waiting List

(playful piano music) – [Woman] Deep in the bayou, on this street, down this road, in this windowless tin shack, is a restaurant run by one woman, whose dishes are so good, you have to wait a year to try them. – I’m Alzina Toups and I’ve been cooking Cajun food for at least over […]

The Incredible Alcatraz Prison Break

– [Ryan] This week on Buzzfeed Unsolved, we cover the thrilling escape from the famed Alcatraz Prison. The inmates who pulled this off did so by executing an ingenious and daring plan. And who doesn’t love a good prison break, right? – I do. Will there be tunnels? – You could say there was a […]

Welding Junkyard Masterpieces With the Cowboy Sculptor

– A lot of people wonder why I’m living here ’cause I could live in L.A. or New York and be building sculptures there, but the minute I drive up to my little ranch here, I feel like I’m onto something that’s never been done before. (upbeat music) My name is John Lopez, and I’m […]

Ray: A Life Underwater

My name is Ray Ives and I’m 75 years old. The first memory is ship movement, feeling seasick… …being very young and very inexperienced. Commercially, I’ve been diving since 1965 for a living. I’ve got a lot of china, clay pipes, bottles… …clay bottles, jars, propellers, portholes, swords,… …guns, ammunition boxes; the old type, made […]

The Foundry Welder, New York | INDIE AMERICA | PBS Digital Studios

I don’t know, I was always told that I was an artist. I was making stuff at a really young age. My grandmother and my parents really recognized that. I’ve never really been anything but an artist, I guess. I’m a pretty petite, young woman. There’s not a lot of us out there that are […]

This California Prison Teaches Inmates to Dive Deep

(water splashing) – [Jeff] It’s unique, right? We’re not anywhere near the ocean. And yet we’re teaching inmates how to commercial dive, so that they can get out and get a good job and be productive members of society. – [Man] One, two, three, four. – [Jeff] It’s a hard thing to get your mind […]