Homemade Roller Bender – Make A Metal Bender

A metal bender is an efficient tool tat can be used for many occasions And making one is fairly simple, if you have the right tools The major pieces you’ll require are the connecting gears. And of course, the interchangeable pieces to get different bends. Did you know Tungsten has the highest tensile strenght of […]

Aquarium Air Pump WITHOUT ELECTRICITY | Life hack: How to make an aquarium air pump out of bottles

Aquarium Air Pump without Electricity 2 Bottles, Air Tube 1 Tee Tube Connector 2 Adjustable Air Flow Switch More videos Subscribe to the channel

Microwave Turntable Motor: DC to AC Generator. DC Motor to AC Electricity Generation

Generador DC a AC Motor DVD y Motor de Microondas Motor DC con 6V rotando iman de motor de microondas Dale Like, Comparte Subscribete Se Felíz

Reparar superficies de metal y plástico (Bricocrack)

How to spray paint aluminum Mack dump truck bed- paint booth restoration

Do you have a equip? Come on Gus. I’ve lost it. No come on you got this eye of the tiger. Grrrrrrr! Do you have a piece equipment with aluminum on it and it’s worn out, weather beaten and Haggard up? Have you tried elbow grease, pressure washing you still can’t get it off? Well […]

New free energy electric dc motor generator 220v AC to 12V DC – DIY Experiments projects at school

New free energy electric dc motor generator 220v AC to 12V DC – DIY Experiments projects at school

DIY Toyota Supra Pt 3 – Welding

Hi, welcome to my-supra.de nice that you have switched to the second episode Today it comes to welding work on the front right body i wanted to show you very briefly with what i am welding the welder is loan from a good friend because I have not yet purchased a welder but I will […]

Ajustable router jig for square holes or recesses

Align router-based center See the previous video for how to make a center cone.

Måla metall – Chalk paint – Paint metal

Hello! These bar stools I tried Autentico hardwax oil on and I was pleased with the result It was very easy to use, it smelled pretty much, but it did not matter the smell went away after a while and the result was absolutely fantastic They were very orange on the top before but it […]

Errores al atornillar en metal con autotaladrantes (Bricocrack)