Comment changer le joint de bas de porte d’un lave-vaisselle BOSCH SIEMENS ?

DIY Vicks Vaporub Shower Melts During Cold And Flu Season – Nutshell School

DIY Vapor Rub Shower Melts Cold and flu season is here! When these viruses hit our home, we like to be prepared with the items that we know work well for us so that we don’t have to run to the store and try to find the best medicine. DIY vapor rub shower melts Supplies […]

French Toast Tuna Fish Melt Recipe

Hello and welcome back to the show where we teach you how make everything so delicious. Today we have french toast tuna melt rec– You can tune a piano. But you cannot tune a fish. Heh-heh Okay. Here we go. First add tuna fish to bowl. Add lots of mayonnaise. Then add lots of spices […]

FIRE TORNADO | ENGLISH | High spinning flame!

well the fire tornado is a very spectacular experiment but you will need an adult help to do it. you would need a wooden base , a turn table, a metal bowl, kerosine. now first you make a chimney from a netting. its got a diameter of about 30cms, 1 foot. this is the wooden […]

Carpentry & Home Improvement Skills : How to Change a Fuse in the Home

The hardest part about changing a fuse is actually finding the fusebox because sometimes it’s in a basement, it’s in a corner and there are four or five of them. I’m Robert Markey, I’ve been in construction for many years and we’re going to talk about changing a blown fuse in the house. Once you […]

Melting all my Crayola crayons together

Echo: Should I introduce you Tom: Oh 100% Yeah echo: ok cool, hello hello its echo just in case you’re new here Echo: and this is Tom father of AsDFmovie and the muffin time song. Ttom: Hello, I’m Tom I Ttom: Yeah, that’s me yeah Echo: how do we even want to explain what we’re […]

Concrete Joints

G’day welcome back to Buildsum this time I want to show you three joints that we commonly use when we pour concrete Just to explain what I’ve got drawn here. I’ve got two brick Walls Which represent the outside of a single building or two buildings doesn’t really matter but a sand bed down to […]

DIY Wax Melts | MO River Soap

Gathering the supplies I need I have Kentucky ParaSoy Tart and Votive Wax I have the Sinus Relief fragrance oil from Indigo Fragrances I have some Sinus Relief Bath Tea from Wholesale Supplies Plus I have some plastic clam shells from Filmore Container and of course we have our Pyrex cup a spoon a scale […]

Cross Cut Sled w/ Finger Joint Jig Insert

Man these old jigs take up a lot of space! Grrr, warped and unusable! Let’s make a new one. Some scrap plywood (from failed attempts at kerf bending) Cleaning up the edges. Some scrap 2×4’s Jointing the faces smooth. Squaring up the ends Routing a chamfer. This will let dust collect there and not affect […]

Diy Microwave Kiln | Melt Glass in the Microwave

It only takes a few minutes in your regular microwave oven, to heat up this microwave kiln to temperatures hot enough to fuse glass or even melt metals Before I show you how to make a microwave kiln Let me better explain what it is Microwave kiln is… a kiln But it doesn’t use gas […]