DIY POR 15 – How To Prep Rust Before Applying POR15

(upbeat music) – Hey, this is Donnie Smith and we’re on the Mustang project. And you can see that we’ve got some of this coated. We got the floor pan coated, we used the POR 15. In this video, I’m going to show you the steps that we took to get it prepped and ready […]

17 – How to Make A Vacuum Bag for Veneering

(upbeat music) Marc: Welcome to episode 17 of the Wood Whisperer video podcast. I’m your host Marc Spagnuolo and today I’m going to show you how to make your own vacuum bag for your veneer press. Now last time I showed you how to cut your own veneer and when you make big wide sheets […]

Car Rust Repair -How to Fix Rust Pits in a Fender with Glazing Putty & Rust Encapsulator at Eastwood

hi my name is mike i’m a tech here at Eastwood and we’re right in the middle of working on project resolution and the spot here on the fender needs a little more attention so today I’m going to show you how to mix spread and sand some of our contour glazing putty and the […]

Building a Homemade Maple Syrup Evaporator — $55 in Supplies

we’ve got a plain old 55 gallon drum here i got this from a buddy from a coffee roaster it was used to store coffee chafe it’s the husk of the bean you can still see it in there. so i was hoping to get one that had a top and a bottom

How to make a cheer bow professional standard – with Lisa Pay

(jungle sounds) – Good day and welcome to “Pay It Forward.” Today I’m gonna be showing you how to make a professional cheerleading bow. I have two daughters who are all-star cheerleaders, and we first developed this bow design, the three of us, when my girls first started out in the sport. As you can […]

Flux Core Welder – Beginner Welding Without Shielding Gas – Affordable Flux Core Welding At Home

us start welding an entry-level price well the eastwood 90 amp flux core welder provides wire feed functionality without the need for shooting gas or regulators whether you’re working outside and windy weather or you’re a beginner learning to weld this unit is a great machine to have in your garage the AC wound transformer […]

You Can Weld! – Flux Core Welding Basics – GardenFork

– Today on GardenFork, first time flux core welding. Here we go. Make, fix, grow, cook, GardenFork. Hey, it’s me, how you doing, welcome to Garden Fork. Today I’m working on my new maple syrup evaporator and I wanted to show you a tool I have that if you’re thinking about you’d like to do […]