Director’s Cut: Electricity Episode | Weirdest, Bestest, Truest

[Music] hey guys Charlie here to talk a little weird but true behind the scenes for the electricity episode in this episode Kirby and I are crafting an HQ when all of the sudden the lights go out so we have to find a way to keep the lights on through this storm electricity the […]

Celebrating our People – Don Ockrassa

Hi. I’m Don Ockrassa. I’m the diving supervisor at the Port of Oakland. Been here for a little over 20 years. I spent 14 years running through all the different classifications of Navy diver, before I came here. Diving’s a dirty job. If you’re not rolling around in the mud you’re getting covered in epoxy […]

Searching the ocean depths – the 🇨🇦Canadian Diver – #WeAreNATO

So many people spend so long looking at the surface of the ocean, but what’s underneath the surface of that water I want to go find out! Normally it is quite quiet. It’s sort of an added benefit, I think, to diving, like you’re weightless, it’s quiet. Sometimes it feels like you’re on the moon. […]

When Scuba Diving Goes Wrong

From a group of divers forced to survive on the open water to a young woman who drowned on her honeymoon, here’s what happens when scuba diving goes wrong: Number 7 Japanese Divers In 2014, a group of seven female Japanese scuba divers set off from the coast of Bali in serene weather conditions. The […]

Never Forgotten: Recovery mission in Vietnam

– [Soldier] Everybody in the military, you know, we fight the nation’s battles. That’s what we do. And I know if I got killed in battle somewhere, I would want my remains brought home, you know, to my mom, dad, family, wife. And I know they want the same. (wind blowing) – [Narrator] On a […]