Hobart Filler Metals Help Marine Group Boat Works Build U.S. Navy Dive Boats

These boats have to be real tough. The Navy divers are extremely rigorous. They work 24 hours a day. They’re constantly immersed in salt water, hence the aluminum construction, and they’ve got to be able to slam up against the side of a ship or submarine over and over again and not risk the divers […]

CAF Story | Keeping the Waters Safe: Clearance Divers

I was descending, it was pitch black, I made bottom. I was looking at my sonar navigator scanning and then I just saw it, clear as day. It looked exactly like what I would imagine a sea mine looked like. I swam on top of it and my GPS navigator was telling me that I […]

Searching the ocean depths – the 🇨🇦Canadian Diver – #WeAreNATO

So many people spend so long looking at the surface of the ocean, but what’s underneath the surface of that water I want to go find out! Normally it is quite quiet. It’s sort of an added benefit, I think, to diving, like you’re weightless, it’s quiet. Sometimes it feels like you’re on the moon. […]

Commercial Diver Career Video

Commercial diving is a profession that —in many cases— combines construction with scuba diving. Commercial divers work on installations that cannot be removed from the water for servicing, such as oil rigs, bridges, and pipelines. Commercial divers use construction tools such as welders and saws, in combination with scuba equipment, to perform maintenance and repair […]

Navy Diver – Rebecca Jones

What I like the most about being a Navy Diver is just the freedom. Just being able to float and move around in the water so easily and just being able to see everything there is to see. I’m Chief Petty Officer Rebecca Jones and I’m a Navy Diver. We have the capabilities of doing […]

EIDF 2016 Diving into the Unknown

My aim is to stay alive. I don’t want to die. What is worth dying for? Is diving into a cave worth dying for? The time comes for everyone. I do everything I can not to die down there. MONAMI AGENCY PRESENTS IN ASSOCIATION WITH FUGLENE A JUAN REINA FILM DIVING INTO THE UNKNOWN People […]

U.S. Navy Diver Third Class Valerie DeFreitas

After I got through Dive School and realized what I had accomplished, I feel like I could do anything in my life now. It’s all about commitment and anyone can do it. A man, a woman, it doesn’t matter what you are. If you commit yourself and make up your mind to do it, you […]