Hobart Filler Metals Help Marine Group Boat Works Build U.S. Navy Dive Boats

These boats have to be real tough. The Navy divers are extremely rigorous. They work 24 hours a day. They’re constantly immersed in salt water, hence the aluminum construction, and they’ve got to be able to slam up against the side of a ship or submarine over and over again and not risk the divers […]

SCUBA Diving Safety Tips from U.S. Military Divers

The Pacific region is home to some of the top dive spots in the world, but diving safety is first. We’re military divers with the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency. You know, diving is awesome- -but it is also dead serious. Always have a dive buddy. and always stay together. “So that’s going to be dive […]

Searching the ocean depths – the 🇨🇦Canadian Diver – #WeAreNATO

So many people spend so long looking at the surface of the ocean, but what’s underneath the surface of that water I want to go find out! Normally it is quite quiet. It’s sort of an added benefit, I think, to diving, like you’re weightless, it’s quiet. Sometimes it feels like you’re on the moon. […]

Risky deep dive

spearfishing is incredible and the moments that we experience through it are unique. I could spend hours talking about how much I love this activity. This clip however, is different from the usual and it has nothing to do with beautiful images, wildly inspiring films and impressive catches and dives. The reason I spent time […]

Ray: A Life Underwater

My name is Ray Ives and I’m 75 years old. The first memory is ship movement, feeling seasick… …being very young and very inexperienced. Commercially, I’ve been diving since 1965 for a living. I’ve got a lot of china, clay pipes, bottles… …clay bottles, jars, propellers, portholes, swords,… …guns, ammunition boxes; the old type, made […]