Todrick Hall On His First Time In Drag | First of All | Fuse

My first- well, I don’t know if we need to talk about that. We will- I- is this, uh, for a mixed audience? My first kiss was from someone named Paul, but if you’re down south, we can just refer to her as Paulina. And it wasn’t a great kiss, if I’m just being honest. […]

Why Frozen II isn’t worth melting for

Uh… Ok…. Um… Lion? Grizzly bear? Monster? Brown bear? Angry face? Abominable monster? Greatest mistake of your life? We didn’t even kiss you. That’s right. It’s those fan favourite Disney characters; Elsa, Anna and company. They are back together on the big screen today in Frozen II. It’s the highly anticipated follow, of course, to […]

A Day With a Combine Soldier 2

-Just gonna change the channel, nothing’s gonna happen this time Wha… wh… what the fuck? oh, oh shit. OH SHIT Don’t worry… nothing gonna happen, nothing gonna attack us this time… I’ve just gotta… grab… the… fuckin… Ahhh… What the…? -Hello! -AHHHHHHHHHHHHU OH MY GOD NOT AGAIN! DIDN’T YOU DIE IN THE LAST EPISODE????? -You […]


Waaaaahhh!!!! The seaweed is always greener In somebody else’s lake You dream about going up there But that is a big mistake Just look at the world around you Right here on the ocean floor Such wonderful things surround you What more is you looking for ? Under the sea, under the sea, Darling it’s […]


Oh I come from a land, from a faraway place Where the caravan camels roam Where it’s flat and immense And the heat is intense It’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home When the wind’s from the east And the sun’s from the west And the sand in the glass is right Come on down Stop […]


Hey everyone, PelleK here. Hope you’re doing awesome, be sure to leave a comment below and subscribe. Today, this song has been requested a lot on Twitter and YouTube lately. From the movie Frozen, “Let it go”. And we’re gonna metalize it 😉 Just wait for it! The snow blows wide on the mountain tonight, […]

LORE – Metal Gear Solid Lore in a Minute!

Our story begins in the Cold War fueled 1960’s where CIA operative Naked Snake is sent into Russia to hunt down and defeat his former mentor, the Boss; since just a month earlier she defected to the Soviet Union, threw Snake off a bridge, and gave a nuke to human lightning rod Colonel Volgon who […]

PRINCE ALI goes METAL (Disney’s Aladdin)

Make way for Prince Ali Make way for Prince Ali Hey, clear the way in the old bazaar Hey you, let us through it’s a bright new star Oh come be the first on your block to meet his eye Make way, here he comes Ring bells, bang the drums Are you gonna love this […]

Undertale – Megalovania [METAL Ver.] – Caleb Hyles (feat. RichaadEB)

Megalovania [METAL Ver.] Caleb Hyles Feat. RichaadEB Human child, depraved and vile. In your smile the terror of a killer! When you stand before the mirror do you still hold your head high? Carve the sentence with a knife. Stole the gift that they called life. So now you’ll stand and answer for yourself. PREPARE […]