DRE electrode assembly methods Part 1: Front Assembly

Front assembly of DRE. The tool kit contents for assembly. Front assembly is appropriate for the use of non-pretreatment disk electrode. Insert the Pt ring assembly from electrode side to the A big-hole of base block. Insert the Teflon spacer from contact side to the A small-hole of base block. Note the direction of the […]

DRE electrode assembly methods Part 2: Rear Assembly

Rear assembly of DRE The rear assembly uses the all tools of DRE-DCP. The rear assembly is appropriate for conducting disk pretreatment. There are 3 steps for rear assembly. The 1st step: Polishing of the GC disk. Attach the stopper to the electrode polishing holder. Insert the polishing holder to the A big-hole of base […]

How to custom paint Ground metal with disk grinder and candy painting

How to paint GROUND METAL with Disk grinder Sanding – #80 Sanding – #120 Sanding – #180 disk grinder Never use a grindstone ! [ Main point ] Using a Scotch Bright disc Transparent primer Genuine black Candy tangerine Clear coating