Metal and Wood Outdoor Storage Enclosure | JIMBO’S GARAGE

welcome to Jimbo’s Garage Good afternoon everyone welcome back to general garage well today. I got a good one for you We’re gonna be building an outdoor storage enclosure behind the restaurant they’re gonna be using it to Put a rolling BBQ and other miscellaneous things in super heavy-duty. Let’s get started All right, so […]

Fixing My Mill – JIMBOS GARAGE

Welcome back to Jimbo’s Garage welcome back to jimbos garage well the time had finally come think I want to drag this old mill out and get it operational now this was my bottom loss meal when he moved it was about five years ago we just toss it in the corner over here and […]

Magnetic Welding Torch and Grinder Holders | JIMBO’S GARAGE

Welcome Jimbo’s garage Good afternoon everyone and welcome back to Jimbo’s garage. Well. I’m really excited to show you guys my new line of torch holders here I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m fabricating here in the shop I always had a problem with my torch sitting down my MIG torch or […]

Concrete Cracks – JG STORIES

it’s actually raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock you know that’s very used unusual for us here in Southern California we don’t get very much rain at all and glad to see it to tell you the truth we we really needed here but you know me being the concrete contractor this […]

Stainless Steel Mig Welding | JIMBO’S GARAGE

welcome to Jimbo’s Garage good afternoon everyone and welcome back to Jimbo’s garage well today’s video is kind of short and kind of random let me tell you what we’ve got we’ve got basically a rectangular gate frame that’s about 12 feet long 6 feet tall and the unique thing about this is this different […]