PowerPoint 2016 Beyond the Basics: Merge Shapes

♪ This is the Beyond the Basics with Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 series by Trillium Creative Solutions. In this video we’ll explore Merging shapes. If you just want to know where to find it on the ribbon and what the different options do, here you go. PowerPoint provides a variety of shapes. ♪ And now we […]

Operation Build Green with Armor Lock and AERCO

I’m Andrew Dan-Jumbo, and I’ll be your host for this episode of Operation Build. Alexi’s on assignment, but we’ll check in with her later. However, she has given me our mission for this episode. We’re going to check out some of the most environmentally responsible comapnies in the US today. Let’s go. (music). We’re here […]

How To Design A Laser Cut Finger Joint Box Accurately

what’s up I’m Jonathan and welcome to maker tales where I’m sharing my maker journey to help you go further in yours so don’t forget subscribe and hit that little bell icon to never miss an opportunity to keep making in this video we’re going to be making this little box which is a great […]

fire and flames

Hey, I’m glad I caught you. While you’re still still out, can you stop over at Burger King and grab me a large fry, Uhh Medium Coke and a flame-broiled Whopper? DID SOMEBODY SAY THROUGH THE FIRE AND FLAMES? [Plastic guitar noises] Hey, I need a little bit more wood to start this fire! WAIT, […]

Fuse – Mixamo – Cinema 4D Real-time Rendering Workflow Tutorial – U-RENDER

Hy, my name is Peter from U-Render. In this video I will show you how to import an animated character using Adobe Fuse and Mixamo. I will create a simple scene, set up basic lighting and render the animation with U-Render. Adobe Fuse is still in beta but with just a few clicks you can […]

Replace a Window in Photoshop: Combine Two Photos Into One!

Today, we’re going to play around with some compositing. Hey guys, welcome to Phlearn. My name is Aaron Nace. You can find me on Twitter at AKNacer. Today, we are doing some really cool stuff with compositing. We’re using two of the family’s images. I can’t wait to get into it. It’s going to be […]

Toy Design & Sculpture: Joint Overview – FREE CHAPTER

SANDY COLLORA: This is also commonly referred to as a swivel joint, and it’s usually used in the head of an action figure. This is an action figure I did way back in the day for a company called Mezco. This is the Captain Nemo Wave Rider action figure. And as you can see, his […]

Adobe Fuse CC Tutorial – Create custom 3D characters [How to create a Zombie]

What’s up guys! We are in a new tutorial of Adobe Fuse I’ll show you quickly how to make a 3D model The interface is fairly simple, based on the menu at the top left Let’s create a new project.. a 3D Zombie The software will guide us step by step To modify the Head, […]

Melted Monochrome Nail Art

Hi guys! It’s Sandi and in today’s video I’ll be sharing a really awesome melted monochrome design that looks really eye-catching and intricate, but is simple to do! To begin, as always, start off with your favorite base coat. This will help to protect your natural nails from staining and it will also adhere your […]