Hi guys What’s up? I’m the interesting and I’m Ficus We decided to reach a new level And make a 2-storey house 2-storey house from scotch tape And if you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet Click the button below and subscribe it right now. Let’s get started I’m using this cool thing for the […]

How to Use the Jeweller’s Micro-Flame Butane Torch

Go to Beadaholique.com for all of your beading supplies needs! Hi. This is Julie with Beadaholique.com. Today we’re going to do a product demo of the Mirco-Flame Torch. This is great for using in various jewelry projects including resin making when you want to get the bubbles out, soldering, jewelry casting wax working, metal sculpting […]

SPAN 2017 Pittsburgh – Livestream Day 1

Hello and welcome to SPAN 2017. I’m Amber Bravo I’m a creative lead at Google Design. Google Design is a cooperative team of designers, writers, and producers who work at Google. Our focus is to support and promote designers work both at Google and beyond. We do this in a number of ways: so we […]

Making a Table for my Portable Bandsaw

In this video I wanted to show you one of my favorite new toys that I bought recently to help with breaking down aluminum scrap and cutting off sprues and how I made it even better! This is a Milwaulkie portable bandsaw and it is more useful than I could ever have hoped. In fact […]

Let’s Talk Smart Robotics: revolutionising industry

Intelligent, autonomous robots aren’t just science fiction anymore. They’re already at work in industry today. Gartner predicts that one third of jobs will be replaced by software, smart machines, robots by 2025. But many see this as just creating new room for new jobs, new opportunities. What will all this mean for industry in general […]

How to Make a Pair of Cuff Links

Go to www.beadaholique.com to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi this is Julie for Beadaholique.com and I’m gonna show you how to make a cufflink that looks like it’s been enameled this is one of my favorite projects I’ve done in a long time. I have this cufflink bezel which is this […]

Lecture – 24 Design of Welded Joints – II

dear students let us begin lectures on machine design part i this is lecture number 24 and the topic is design of welded joints and this is the concluding part of the lecture on the same topic let us recapitulate little bit what we had learnt in the last class we talked about different kinds […]

Stanford’s humanoid robot explores an abandoned shipwreck

[MUSIC PLAYING] OceanOne is aimed at bringing a new capability for underwater exploration. The intent here is to have a diver diving virtually, creating a robot that can be the physical representation of the human. A human-made robotic diver that can have bi-manual capabilities. So it has two hands. It has stereo vision. And the […]