Lecture Two: The Chemical History of a Candle – Brightness of the Flame (3/6)

W‌e were occupied the last time we met in considering the general character and arrangement as regards the fluid portion of a candle, and the way in which that fluid got into the place of combustion. And now, I have to ask your attention to the means by which we are enabled to ascertain what […]

Gallium – Amazing Metal Melts in your Hand!

Hey and welcome back to Beals Science I’m Craig Beals And I am super super stoked that I get to share one of the coolest metals on the periodic table with you today and that’s gallium now gallium is crazy because gallium can be poured into my hand and It’ll melt so then I’ve got […]

Static Electricity and the Balloon

Hi, I am Jared, and welcome to Fun Science Demonstrations for Young Learners. What is more fun than a balloon, huh? And we have all been there. How many of you have ever scrubbed a balloon on your hair and you felt this kinda weird force, and you are trying to hang it on a […]

Heat Expands a Metal Rod

Hi, I am Jared, and welcome to our YouTube channel Fun Science Demonstrations. The big idea here is that things expand, they get bigger when you heat them up. It does not matter if it is a solid, if it is a liquid, if it is a gas; they will expand, they will get bigger, […]

What Conducts Electricity?

Hi, I am Jared, and welcome to Fun Science Demonstrations for Young Learners. A little message, Morse code, are you getting it? Our big idea today is that electricity needs a path to follow and sometimes that path is easy to follow, and sometimes it is not so easy. Some things conduct electricity and some […]

Can You Burn Metal?

[intro theme] So we all know that you can get metal hot enough to melt and fold or be hammered into meter-long double-edged claymores but can you actually burn it? You probably know metals from their most familiar forms a gold ring, a fireplace poker, a soda pop can but metals are actually a pretty […]

How to TRAP Yellow Jacket Wasps Make Your Own It’s Cheap and Easy DIY it works

so this year we have Yellowjackets everywhere it occurred to me that those store-bought traps that we get have to be designed to be packaged and shipped and everything but what if we built our own larger traps so I started fiddling around today and using some cardboard boxes and I decided let’s create a […]