How to Install a Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

Our mission today is to install a stainless steel liner down the chimney flue will be connecting to the back of a yellow wood stove with a tee connection here at shop what we’re going to do is roll out that relaxes stainless steel pipe then roll the insulation is sprayed with an adhesive we’re […]

Alkaline Earth & Alkali Metals in Water

So starting out here we have magnesium and uh… you see it’s a metal, it’s got a little bit of an oxide coating on here and so it’s got a little bit of black sitting on the surface but this magnesium metal and you’ll notice that when we put magnesium into water we’re going to […]

How Not to Put Out a Metal Fire – with Steve Mould

[Music and laughter] This is amazing, you get this pulsating of the reaction. My name is Steve Mould, I’ve got my own YouTube channel where I make science videos. Some of them are dangerous and if they are then I assess the risks. It’s an important part of my job. But sometimes you find out […]

Melting Marbles With Electricity

Hey guys We’re back today with another experiment that I’m personally excited about and been looking forward to for a couple of months I went picked up a couple of bags of marbles from the Dollar store And I’m bringing it back my mini Arc Furnace because I’d like to bring the two together and […]

Melting Cans With The Mini Metal Foundry

Today we’re going to be making muffins. But trust me, this is one recipe you won’t be able to find in the kitchen cookbook. In this project we’re using backyard science, and a bucket full of soda cans, to make a batch, of mini metal biscuits. Let’s start this project with the mini metal foundry […]

Metal Casting Play Sand

I’m really looking forward to this project today because in this video, we get to play with sand Now, back when I made my first Mini Metal Foundry, and used it to melt down soda cans, I was looking for the most convenient and easy ways to cast that metal. You’ve seen the Styrofoam casting […]

Make A Trash Can Metal Foundry

What’s up guys! It’s that time of year where I’m starting to get the itch to get back into metal working again. Now, I went on Amazon to order a new clay graphite crucible, but apparently I ordered the wrong one because this thing is absolutely massive and way to big for my mini metal […]

Fusion Clean Stainless Steel Weld Cleaner

Inverter Fusion is a UK manufacturer of high quality, technically advanced inverter welding machines. Our machines are lightweight and portable and the range includes models for both professional and DIY and hobby use. All Fusion welding machines are covered by a comprehensive 2 year parts and labour warranty. We have recently developed an electrolytic stainless […]

Exploring Static Electricity

Hi I am Jared welcome to Fun Science Demos. Check this out. How did I do that? What was going on there? Was it magic? No it was science. What you did not see me do is rub this straw on this fur and charge it up? Well what do I mean when I say […]

Heat Expands a Metal Rod

Hi, I am Jared, and welcome to our YouTube channel Fun Science Demonstrations. The big idea here is that things expand, they get bigger when you heat them up. It does not matter if it is a solid, if it is a liquid, if it is a gas; they will expand, they will get bigger, […]