Is CHRISTIAN HEAVY METAL music…EVIL? (An inside look)

Welcome to Metal-Cross. There is a long running battle within the church. And it is hindering the church’s ability to reach people for Christ. In fact, it’s actually dividing the church on many different levels. The battle is over whether Christian Heavy Metal music should be allowed, or is even effective as a tool for […]

Metal Evolution – Extreme Metal | FULL EPISODE

fssssssssshhhhh……. BANG like, BANGER Films…. ♫ Vader – “Shadowfear” *half time death metal section* *breakdown to set up heavy metal riffage* *heavy metal riffage* “GO!” Translation: let the moshpit commence SAM: In the series “Metal Evolution”, I explored 11 subgenres of heavy metal, and over 400 years of music history. The show aired on networks […]