The Hottest New Ramen Shop in Copenhagen – Slurp Ramen Joint

What’s up, everyone! It’s Brian, And I’m here in Copenhagen. What am I doing here? It’s my winter vacation and I came somewhere even colder than Tokyo. Yeah, well, maybe it’s for this. But actually I’m here in Copenhagen for ramen. That’s right. Copenhagen’s hottest new ramen shop is about to open. And I’m […]

Day at Work: Prototype Fabricator

My name’s Jeff Tiedeken, uh, from New Ulm, Minnesota, age twenty-four and I am a prototyper, welder, fabricator. Right now, um, have my own company – Monkey Likes Shiny and then I also a work for a company called CVM, a short for Creative Viewpoint Machinery. They do projects for the government, for Clorox, all […]

HE QUIT HIS JOB! | Tara Henderson

Hey guys! So I just finished up with my last day of work so Its bitter sweet you know I, I had a good group of guys here that I worked with but I just wanted to get on here and kind of explain why im doing what im doing and kind of what my […]

Living In Alaska – Day in the Life as a Welder: Clifford M. Tulsa Welding School Graduate True Story

welding does give you a lot of freedom and I mean it gives you tons of freedom you’re looking at your world through a two-by-four window and time honestly has no place once you drop your hood once you drop hood you are in your own place working working in Alaska’s on the North slope […]