Chromeo Does An Insomnia-Inspired ASMR with Goodie Bags And Vegetables | Mind Massage | Fuse

Hey what up, my name is Dave 1 from Chromeo. And I’m P-Thugg. And you are watching– Mind Massage. Ow. (clapperboard snapping) Shh. (cellophane crinkling) A lot of you guys know us as the Funklordz, originally from Montreal, Canada. And we’ve been making music together for, I want to say, like, fifteen– Sixteen years. Yeah, […]


Hi guys now in this tutorial I will show you how to Model a Daft Punk helmet, so there was like two helmets In the Daft Punk history, I will create this one first and in the next tutorial i will create another one To start to model that we have to prepare some blueprints […]