How to Weld on an Engine Cylinder Head

Hello my name is Darrell Reed. I’m the Fabricator/Welder here at Ilmor Engineering. And I’m Andy Weyenberg with Miller Welders Motorsports. When we do development on engines, sometimes it requires that we weld on cylinder heads. This cylinder head that we’ll be welding on is a casting. Most castings on cylinder heads are an A356 […]

Engine Porting Kit & How To DIY from Eastwood

Today we’re gonna talk about something that may be magic to some others might just be the normal course of building a motor but it’s porting a cylinder head you’ve already upgraded exhaust carburetor maybe even a cam now what you want to do is get the most efficiency you can out of better flowing […]

Using a Table Saw to Resurface a Cylinder Head

Hey guys, welcome back. So last time I welded this cylinder head here and if you haven’t seen that video, you might want to go check that one out. What I did was I used my MIG to fill in some places where it blew out at the coolant passages and then I used a […]