How to cut steel sheet by using CNC Flame and Plasma Cutter

Bota established itself as a potent supplier for global companies with design,manufacturing & sales specializing in Welding&Cutting Equipments. The Bota BDLM Gantry CNC Oxy-Fuel & Plasma Cutting machine is a highly versatile machine for oxy-fuel cutting and plasma. All processes are controlled from the Bota CNC system. This feature packed controller uses a color-coded graphical […]

How to cut steampipe/black pipe for a turbo merge collector with simple tools

2.5mm (3/32″) thick cutting disc: Cuts straight Cuts slow 1.0mm (3/64″) thick cutting disc tends to drift when cutting off square cuts fast Determining offset to cut pipes to fit rectangular turbine entry (T3 flange shown here)


Como soldar raiz (Control de Onda) Tuberia

s_d_p_ is surface tension transfer a lincoln electric innovation it is in advanced waveform mig welding process which offers exceptional open ruth has twelve ng esti tvtropolis numerous the images sbc to learn trading time significantly reduced compared to stick s_t_d_’s capable of producing code quality wells for projects were one hundred percent inspection is […]

RIDGID – How To Cut Stainless Steel Pipe

How To Cut Stainless Steel Pipe Let me tell you a little bit about stainless working. Stainless tube comes in many different sizes, wall thicknesses, and many different types. It’s a real animal. There’s many different specifications for stainless steel, all giving it very different properties. So it’s a difficult thing to work with. So […]

How to Cut Carbon Fibre Sheet and Carbon Fiber Parts (Technique & Safety)

Welcome to this Easy Composites guide to cutting, shaping and finishing carbon fibre sheet and carbon fibre parts. The idea of this tutorial is to cover some important safety information and also to explain the best techniques for cutting this material and then shaping and finishing the cut edges. This guide should provide helpful information […]

What Can It Cut? – Red Hot Egg Slicer Vs 1000 Degree Knife Experiment

After my last video about an egg slicer I have been getting a lot of requests to make another video, where I heat up an egg slicer red hot, to see what it can cut through So I’m gonna be using a blowtorch and we’ll see what happens. I’ve got a handful of items that […]

Pipe Cutting Machine | Pipe Cutter Tool | Pneumatic Pipe Cutter

CS Unitec – Pipe Cutting Machine for Steel, D.I. & Plastic. Cut pipe from 4″ (100mm) to 48″ (1200 mm) dia. Attention: Before operating this machine, make sure that you are familiar with the safety instructions! Preparing the guide chain Preparing the tension jack Guide chain fixing 142 mm from the intended cutting line. […]

Cut-N-Weld Welding and Plasma Cutting Work Stand by Eastwood

it’s pretty sad that I have to start a video off like this but there are like three people out there that just try to really for everybody else this tool was given me by Eastwood and if you’re not capable of making your own decisions on whether you need these tools or not regardless […]