PlayTable Gaming Device Combines Card & Board Games | Future Reviews | NowThis

TAYLOR: Wait, what is that? Plasma beam. ANDREW: Damnit. You have to be very precise. DAIN: There were board games, there are card games, there were board games with cards,t here are video games of board games. But we got the chance to play with something that combines all of them. ANDREW: Good luck. TAYLOR: […]

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Scientists Accidentally Discovered Quark Fusion, Could It Be the Future of Energy?

What’s ten times stronger than nuclear fusion!!? QUARK FUSION!! The particles that make up the neutrons and protons inside of atoms are known as quarks. And researchers found that when quarks bind together, energy is produced. Scientists have already been smashing together particles at the Large Hadron Collider but that’s been with hydrogen atoms, not […]

What Happens If The Polar Ice Caps Melt?

From its affect on the land, to its effect on all life on Earth, join us as we reveal to you what would happen if all the ice on the Earth melts. 10. Proves Global Warming Is Real Believe it or not, there are some people in the world right now that still don’t believe […]

Engineers Created A New Bionic Arm That Can Grow With You

“These are the deus ex panels which you can see look really nice. With this arm, I’m able to open and close as you can see, tense my muscles, there you go, I can change the thumb, and then if I press the middle button it flashes. I love it because everyone’s so distracted by […]

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Why Scientists Used Graphene Nanoribbons to Engineer Bionic Mushrooms

Imagine the world…powered by mushrooms. No, I’m not on drugs, this is an actual scientific thing–we’ve now invented mushrooms that produce electricity, no fossil fuels required. Let me explain: researchers at the Stevens Institute of Technology just created what they’re calling a bionic mushroom—a fungus they’ve modified to produce electricity! It really is basically any […]

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