Trying a DIY Water Fuse Beads Kit

Hey guys, you’re watching QDCrafts. Today I’m going to be trying out a water beads kit sent to me from If you guys don’t know what water beads are, basically they’re just like perler beads, they make little pixel art sprites or whatever you call them and instead of using a hot iron to […]

a girl and a dog survive in a flood | The Flame in the Flood

Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier and welcome to The Flame in the Flood. Now this is a game that Amy has been requesting that I play for quite some time now and I won’t be putting it off any longer and to be perfectly honest here, it opened up on quite a sad scene […]

Ajustable router jig for square holes or recesses

Align router-based center See the previous video for how to make a center cone.

METAL GEAR SURVIVE – Launch Trailer | PS4

[ROAR] [ROAR] GOODLUCK: Welcome to Dite, the world beyond the wormholes. It exists in a dimension separate from your own. Abandon all hope from here on, not to mention fear and doubt. Wanderers are extremely ferocious. They attack anyone they see indiscriminately. If we don’t do something about them, there will be enough of them […]

Metal Gear Survive (Zero Punctuation)

Well, Konami certainly seem to be in the doghouse still, going by the reaction to Metal Gear Survive when it came out. A sort of collective “Oh look what the cat dragged in. Sure you can deign to hang out in video game land a moment longer? You wouldn’t rather be making a fucking pachinko […]

How to Fix Broken Pottery : Kintsugi : DIY

Hey, everyone. So a little while ago my little hellraiser Uni ended up knocking d own a piece of pottery that I owned. It was given to me by a friend in college. He actually made it. We were in ceramics class together and if any of you have seen my thrift haul videos you […]

How to Make a Non Wooden Bike Using DC Motor

Hello Doston Is video me mai aapko battery se chalne wali cycle k baare me bataya jayega isme battery hai jo 24V k motor ko chalati hai Motor Japan made hai aur 120W ka hai Isme meter bhi laga hai jo battery health batata hai, 2 switch hain, on-off aur speed up-down k liye neeche […]