Why Do Joints Pop And Crack?

Are you ready? [cracks knuckles] Ah I’ve been cracking my knuckles since I can remember. And I do it so often that I’ve been called “crunchy” I’ve gotten so good at it that I can pop almost every joint in my body. But like, why do they do that? ‘Cause even though it feels awesome […]

Adobe Fuse CC Tutorial – Create custom 3D characters [How to create a Zombie]

What’s up guys! We are in a new tutorial of Adobe Fuse I’ll show you quickly how to make a 3D model The interface is fairly simple, based on the menu at the top left Let’s create a new project.. a 3D Zombie The software will guide us step by step To modify the Head, […]

We Finish The Floor Pans – 69 VW Beetle “The Love Bug” (Part 5)

Please Subscribe And click the bell Thanks for watching! Found more rust Even more rust! This adds texture Please subscribe And click the bell Thanks for watching!

How to POP the SI Joint for INSTANT RELIEF

So does your sacroiliac or SI joint feel locked up and tight and it just feels like that built-up tension needs to be released? In this video, I’m going to show you how with some really easy movements. Hey everyone, Dr. Rowe here at SpineCare in St. Joseph, MI. SI joints strains are a common […]

OnePlus X Durability Test – Scratch, Bend, flame tests

I got my hands on the OnePlus X. The budget smart phone from the company One Plus. I initially wasn’t going to make a durability video for this phone, because I didn’t think It would be far to compare a 250 dollar budget phone along side 700 dollar flagship devices… But… Between the YouTube comments, […]

How to Repair Mortar Joints Between Bricks with QUIKRETE Mortar Joint Sealant

Sealing and waterproofing damaged mortar joints. The most common repairs to brick and block walls, chimneys and brick veneer are cracks in the mortar joints caused by wall movement or foundation settling. Mortar joints can also deteriorate from exposure to the elements, over time. Once a crack develops, it is important to seal the crack […]

Strung out crack junkie

Have you seen the bumper sticker: “Hugs are better than drugs”? Have you seen this? Hugs, folks, are better than drugs! This is going to work. This is going to penetrate the psyche of the strung out crack junkie. I think we’re onto something here. Just see them lying in that rat infested basement, “Should […]


Turbo noises Hi guys, welcome to Baguete’s Garage Today we will repair a cast iron exhaust manifold that cracked Let´s start by removing the manifold from the engine Now we will remove the catalytic converter and the oxygen sensor The catalytic converter is in good shape and the gasket too Let’s clean the area where […]

MMD On Crack #13 – Family Friendly

(Singing) I will not cry! (Humming cont’d) Monster does not cry (rrrrr)! (Snif) “Goodbye, Kirito.” “I’m glad I met you…” “And I am with you.” Stop crying! STOP! Mia kitten! Meow! Mia Kitty! Meow! What is up kitten! Meow! Kitty, kitty, SPEAKS KITTEN!!!! Meow! MEEEOOOWWW!!!! AHHHHH !!!! “Miss!” “Miss! Miss! Miss! Miss!” [Gasping] F****G YOUR […]

Plastic Radiator Repair – Fix Radiator Leak

Many do-it-yourselfers replace their radiators because of tiny cracks and pin holes in the plastic radiator tanks. These can be repaired easily with the radiator repair kit from Polyvance. If you have a heat gun, you can speed up the repair by pre-heating and softening the plastic. Heat the plastic slowly so that the heat […]