How To Remove Motorcycle Fork Lugs & Shock Clevis

What’s happening guys, so today we are working on some suspension and one thing I’ve never really seen info on or seen a video on is how to remove the fork lugs off the fork tube and Remove the shock clevis off the shaft. Now I’ve already got the forks completely apart ready to pull […]

What Caused This CR250 Engine Knock?

this engines got issues I am just as curious as you guys are to figure this out however just to keep the suspense rolling I have got some parts to clean up sorry I had to I’m gonna load up some of these parts into this bin drop him in the cleaning tank and get […]

Ripping Apart CR250 Brakes For Something Special!

welcome back to another video my project for today is I’ll be working on some breaks and prepping them for something special but first I’m gonna give you a little update on the cr250 build all right this is how she sits got the pegs and triples mounted up on the frame and the frame […]

Fixing A Bent Dirt Bike Radiator

I got a question for you guys do you think this radiator is repairable it’s got a huge Bend on the side of it and it’s also twisted from top to bottom I don’t know about this one I’m gonna give it a shot though all right first issue with the radiator it is twisted […]

How To Make A 2 Stroke Exhaust Pipe Look Incredible!

hey what’s going on guys how have you been so I’ve got a really cool project coming your way today been getting a lot of questions asking what am I gonna do for exhaust on the CR 350 bill so I’ve got that figured out got the system here behind me so let me show […]

Tricks To Cleaning Dirt Bike Engine Cases

of course every engine build starts at the cases somebody get these Co 250 cases ready to go back together by popping out the old bearings as studs shining up the cases and cleaning up the gasket surfaces the majority of these bearings can be removed by heating them up and knocking them out from […]