ASTRO (아스트로) – ‘BLUE FLAME’ Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

【UTAU】 Kasane Teto – Melt (3MMIX)

Japanese Subtitles (Romaji Included) asa me ga samete 朝目がっさめて massaki ni omoiukabu kimi no koto 真っ先に思い浮かぶ 君のこと omoikitte maegami wo kitta 思い切って間紙を切った “dou shita no?” tte kikaretakute 「どうしたの?」 って聞かれたくて Pink no Skirt ohana no kamikazari ピンクのスかート お花の髪飾り sashite dekakeru no kyou no watashi wa kawaii no yo! さして出かけるの 今日の私は かわいいのよ! Melt toketeshimaisou メルト 溶けてしまいそう suki da nante zettai ni ienai… […]

change le joint d’injecteur – معالجة تنفيس بخاخ محرك ديزل

Melt ( Mikoto Meika cover ) MMD

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I thought of was you I made up my mind, and cut my bangs short, just so you’d ask me “Why?” Pink skirt, flower pin in my hair I’m going out I’m looking cute today! Melt! I feel like I’m gonna melt away I can’t tell […]

FUSE 2018 | CRESCENT HALL XVII 17 | Crescendo

Kids perform Pompeii by Bastille – Fuse Bucket Drumming

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Expert Mode – Through the Fire and Flames – Joe Penna

Old Flame – Tom Speight (Cover)

close your eyes I wanna dive right into the sea where I was holding you near I had you here behind the neon lights I don’t know why I came here tonight it’s cuz I want you it’s cuz I want you looking back over time photographs play in my mind on my phone paris […]