Online Chemistry Lecture – Relative Melting Point

Oh, hi. Up on this board I’ve gone ahead and compartmentalized some compounds. What we have on the far left are the inert gases, group 18s, such as helium neon, and argon. You can look at a periodic table and see that these are the inert gases. I’ve got molecules listed, which are a combination […]

Electric Circuits Part 5 – Effects of the Electric Current , the Fuse

Hi and welcome to part 5 of the introduction to Electric Circuits! In this part: Main effects of the electric current. The three main effects of an electric current are: magnetic, chemical and heating effect. Some of the most common practical applications of the effects of an electric current include: relays, bells, motors, generators and […]

Learn Mandarin Chinese – Combining Tones (Lesson 14)

Hi, I’m Fame Ketover of and this is Mandarin Chinese. In this lesson we’re going to unite the powers of the tones. Oh, and we’re also going to talk about the neutral tone. So we’ve seen how tones work in single syllables. Now we’re going to see what happens when we combine tones. Most […]

How to Cook flame grilled 4 course meals Bush style

(gun shots echoing) – Here’s my modern day tinder box. In a plastic nalgene container. Inside, I keep a few fire lighters, wrapped in foil. The foil also helps when you’re starting a fire and you need something to reflect the heat off. Here’s one of the flammable cubes that go inside. If the flame […]

Activating & Merging WSU Blackboard Course Spaces

SPEAKER 1: Welcome. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to manage your online course spaces, activate the Blackboard component of your courses, merge sections, if applicable, and enable course spaces for student viewing. Let’s get started. To access Blackboard Learn, login to On the home page you’ll see a list of your courses under […]

py day 1 Merge two Py dictionaries

okay so today we are going to learn how to very simply merge two Python dictionaries into a third dictionary let’s first start a Python prompt now we will create the first dictionary called dict one say a will be one B will be 2 now let’s make another dictionary called dict 2 and this […]

Realistic Fire & Flame Effects | Photoshop Tutorial

In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you a way to create fire effects in Photoshop. First-off we need to add an adjustment layer above our image. If the adjustment window isn’t open yet, go to Window…Adjustments to bring it up. You’ll see the adjustments window on your right bar. The adjustment you want to add […]

Principles of Metal Forming Technology

Hello friends. I am Dr. Pradeep Kumar Jha, associate professor in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, IIT Roorkee. I am offering an online certificate course have entitled principles of metal forming technology under NPTEL which is run by MHRD. The course focuses on understanding the science and technology of different types of forming […]

BEST SHORT TERM JOB ORIENTED COURSES | Safety Officer Course In Ranchi (Jharkhand)

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