Detroit Metal City

Now I will tell you about low cost cosplay This stuff I made with about 40 minutes It looks awful from inside It’s like ” Dad, tomorrow is party at school, what for wear?” To wear, sorry. I used here a material like yoga’s mat but more thick And mantle I will attach with tape […]

Melting Marbles With Electricity

Hey guys We’re back today with another experiment that I’m personally excited about and been looking forward to for a couple of months I went picked up a couple of bags of marbles from the Dollar store And I’m bringing it back my mini Arc Furnace because I’d like to bring the two together and […]

Metal Knight Steel Commander – 01 [Indonesian Tokusatsu]

[Surrender at once, Suhryat.] [My inventions…] […they are NOT for war!] [There is no more places for you to run.] [Until I cease to exist…] […I refuse to give it to you!] [You imbecile!] [Do NOT force my hand on you.] [You want it so badly…?] [Commander?!] [Get it yourself…!]

Make Your Own Combat Ready Lightsaber – Beyond Geek DIY Builds

Brittni: So, part of becoming a Jedi is building a constructing your own lightsaber with which to fight the forces of darkness. How do we go about starting that process? Odin: Starting that process? It depends on exactly what you want to do. Brittni: I really like the look of just the classic, simple lightsabers […]

Building Han Solo’s Blaster! (IT WORKS)

On this episode of make it real, one day build edition, we’re going to try and make a functional Han Solo DL 44 blaster. Now, one of the most common questions I get asked is how do i come up with these ideas? They’re obviously from movies or video games, but where do i get […]

LADYBABY “ニッポン饅頭 / Nippon manju “Music Clip

Nippon Manju Welcome to Japan Hyakka Ryoran, many cute things OK to buy tons of cosmetics and cosplay goods DonQui, VillaVan, Bikkuro, convenience stores Everywhere is so safe Kyoto, Tokyo, 5 storied Pagoda tower Kobe, Osaka, Tower of the Sun Fuji, Asahiyama, safari park All the cute girls in Japan Ice cream scream New products […]

How to Make a Helmet Stand

Hi! My name is Dave. You’re watching “Make for Others”. And in this episode we’re going to build a helmet stand for my friend George’s helmet! I’d been working on a Star Wars Boba Fett helmet for my friend George and also wanted to give him a few options for where it could hang in […]

Odin Makes: The Infinity Gauntlet, from Avengers: Infinity War

(popping) (upbeat music) Hello, I’m Odin, and today I’m gonna make a very requested prop. It’s the Infinity Gauntlet from Avengers: Infinity War. Thanos is a pretty big guy and the Infinity Gauntlet is huge! So I’m gonna scale mine back and actually make a gauntlet that I can wear. I’m gonna start with a […]

BRING ME THANOS! Building Stormbreaker: Part 2

Hey guys, on the last episode of Make it Real We started building Stormbreaker, Thor’s new weapon from Infinity War Now, it’s time to build the Hammer end of it To build it we’re going to be using a cool technique where we plasma cut steel plate And then weld it together to form the […]

NEW Online Course! Make a Sci-Fi Helmet with STAR WARS artist Fon Davis

FON DAVIS: Hi, I’m Fon Davis with the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. I’m excited to welcome you to my course on How to Make a Sci-Fi Helmet. I’m going to start with showing you how to build your own vacuum forming machine. Then, we’ll go over how to do patterns. We’ll also show […]